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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sweet Alice

I recently acquired a poker-straight shoulder-length platinum blonde wig, and I decided to do a couple of looks to go with the wig. I hope this can demonstrate that makeup do play a big part on how a person would look even with the same hair.

The first look is a toned-down everyday look that is sweet and softer. It would go great with Lolita fashion, so I decided to call it Sweet Alice.

I used a shimmery beige eyeshadow from the crease to the brows, and a dark brown eyeshadow from the crease down to my lashline as well as a bit at the lower outer corners. I blended a bit of the beige eyeshadow with the brown in the inner half of my eyes, and also highlighted the inner corners with it.

You can't see my brows but I used the same dark brown eyeshadow to fill them in. I also lined my eyes with dark brown eyeliner along the upper lashline and the outer 1/4 of the lower lashline, and black eyeliner on the upper waterline beneath my lashes.

My lashes are curled and a whole lot of black mascara is applied to both the top and bottom lashes. This helps me to get the wide-eyed doll-like look. Finally I put on shimmery dark pink blush on the apples of my cheeks, and pink glitter lipgloss on my lips.

Here is a video of me putting on the makeup, which is about 50% mascara application for some reason. XD I don't know if this would actually be a tutorial but I hope it is good reference for how to do this makeup.

This makeup is pretty close to something I would wear to be a bit dressed up without going glam. I think it would work as cosplay makeup for sweet innocent characters; that's why I chose the opening music for the anime Chobits, which has a cute platinum-blonde main character, as the background music for my video.


Sonya said...

Has anyone every told you that you somewhat resemble Lucy Lui?

Sonya said...

LOL...well the last picture resembles Lucy Lui a lot. I love the wig though. It's very "pretty woman" he he

GiLiNG said...

♥ it! so cute ^_^

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