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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Circle lens review - Neo Cosmos Glamour / Tri-tone Blue

Neo Cosmos Glamour / Tri-tone Blue Review

I received my Neo Cosmos Glamour (also called Tri-tone) lens in blue, and since there are no reviews of them so far, I decided to try them on and write one!

Here are the lens in a case:

As you can see, the lens has a unique radial-sunburst design in the limbal ring. It was this design that drew me to buy them since I want a natural-looking lens instead of a more doll-like effect.

Here are a few photos in different lighting:

Looking directly at a lightbulb

Normal lighting in my room

With flash (dunno why it turned out so red)

These lens are GORGEOUS, and just what I wanted! They are light enough to be noticeable without freaking people out, and the inner light brown ring helps them to blend in more with my real eye color (dark brown). The radial-sunburst limbal ring looks especially beautiful in the flash photo biggrin.gif

I took off one of the lens and took one more photo:

As you can see, the enlargement effect is not strong with these lens, which is fine for me since I am buying them for the color.

Final Scores:
Design: 10/10 - Love love LOVE the design and color!
Enlargement: 7/10 - Do not get these lens if you want an unnaturally large doll-eye effect
Comfort: 8/10 - I only wore them for the 5 minutes I took the photos, but they are noticeably thicker than my Geo lenses

OVERALL: 9.5/10 - These lens would get a perfect ten from me if they don't feel so thick, but damn do they look amazing on my eyes!


xppinkx said...

hey doll

LOVE COLORED CONTACTS...they change everything about a persons face and persona..i was on a circle lens kick myself...there sooo fun to play with...btw i lOVEEEEEEEEEEEE your look below...that pretty freaking cool...i love when people get all dressed up and creative...

douline said...

Woow those lenses are so pretty on you !
Can I ask where did you buy them ? >.<

❤ Piggy ❤ said...

douline: I got them from HoneyColor.com, but I have heard that the website is blocked for some people, so maybe you should ask the Soompi forum people instead. :)

douline said...

Ho okay thank you =D

Anonymous said...

In terms of looks only.. which contacts is more natural looking.. the neo cosmo or the geo three tones?

❤ Piggy ❤ said...

chickabeegirl18: I have not worn the Geo Three Tones before, so I can't have a "personal" opinion, but from pictures of other people (including those with non-brown eyes) I think the Glamours might be a bit more natural since the outer edges are softer.

Anonymous said...

how do yo track you lens cuz i have a hard time tracking it down but if you know then can you plz tell me :)

❤ Piggy ❤ said...

w3ndydinh: You should email your seller, he/she would have a better idea on how to track your lenses.

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