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Friday, April 17, 2009

My first review - NYX haul!

I got my order of NYX makeup (at 20% off) from Cherry Culture in the mail today! Check them out :D

Starting from the top, going left to right:
Eyeshadow Trio - Princess Pink/Flamenco/Violet, Ceramic, Copper/Rust/Bronze
Liquid Eyeliner - Aqua, Electric Blue, Lavender, Gold, Silver
Ultra Pearl Mania - Mocha
Concealer Jar - Beige
Glitter Eyeliner - Pink, Gold, Apple

Here are the eyeshadow swatches on bare skin:
Princess Pink - A medium pink with slight silvery pearl
Flamenco - Muted violet-pink with gold pearl
Violet - Pastel violet with slight pearl
Ceramic (left) - Black/very dark grey with mid-size silver glitter
Ceramic (middle) - Gunmetal with a bit of metallic shimmer
Ceramic (right) - Dark grey with fine silver glitter
Copper - Metallic brick-red
Rust - Metallic rust-orange (closer to the color of copper than Copper)
Bronze - Metallic warm brown
Ultra Pearl Mania (Mocha) - Super-shimmery cool brown

The first palette is kind of hard to put on, I had to rub it in a bit in order to see the color. I am quite surprised by Flamenco, as the gold-ish shimmer was not expected and look quite gorgeous in person. The two other shadows are not bad either; overall this is a good palette for everyday use.

The second palette was a bit of disappointment as I had expected it to be multiple shades of silver-grey instead of two matt shadows with glitter and one matellic shadow. However, all three shades would be very useful in creating smokey eyes when combined with other colors.

The third palette... holy shit I LOVE it! The colors are gorgeous, and they show up very well even without primer:

I am wearing Copper on my lids, with Rust above that, and Bronze along the bottom of my eyes. This is only one layer of shadow on bare skin, and the color is already quite vibrant. Can't wait to see what I can do with these colors!

The vertical streaks are the Liquid Eyeliners - Aqua, Electric Blue, Lavender, Gold, Silver. These eyeliners are OK, not too watery and not too thick. The Gold is much more rich in person, and kind of antique-ish. The Lavender is a bit too silvery, I wish it could have been more purple.

The horizontal streaks are the Glitter Eyeliner - Pink, Gold, Apple. They are kind of hard to put on since the glitter does not stick to the brush well, and need a few layers before the base color shows. The Pink is especially hard to put on, it just doesn't show much. I think these would look great layered over other colors, e.g. to make glitterific drag-queen lips by wearing it over lipstick.

I can't swatch the concealer cus it's a gift for my sister, but she told me that it goes on extremely smoothly and she loved it. :)

Overall I am quite pleased with this batch, and I would love to order more eyeshadows. Now if only they have another sale....

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Sonya said...

Wow the NYX shadows are sooooo nice. I love the liquid liner in aqua...its so shimmery!

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