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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Suzuki Nana (Popteen Model) inspired Gyaru makeup

Hi guys, I am back after a very busy month! Here is another Gyaru-style makeup tutorial, inspired by the Popteen model Suzuki Nana. I got yet another wig in a very Gyaru shade of dark strawberry blonde so I decided to try out Nana-style makeup. Here is a tiny picture of Nana (can't find a better one online, her name is too popular):

Makeup I used:
- Shimmery eyeshadow palette with light brown, dark brown and beige
- Black gel eyeliner
- Light brown brow powder
- false eyelashes
- Eyelid glue

First, I applied the light brown eyeshadow all over my eyelids.

Then I overlayed the dark brown eyeshadow on the outer half of my eyelid, as well as in the outer 1/3 of my lower lashline.

I added the beige eyeshadow to the inner 2/3 of my lower lashline.

Black gel eyeliner is then used along my upper lash line, thicker near the inner half of my eye, and extending it out and slightly downwards. The outer half of my lower lash line is also lined slightly away from my eye, and joined with the upper line.

I lined the inner lower water line with the same eyeliner. You can use normal pencil eyeliner instead for this step.

I applied thick upper false lashes and sparse lower false lashes, and colored in my eyebrows to match the wig.

I used eyelid glue to create a higher double crease than my real one. This step is not very good for your lids, so I only do it if I am wearing very heavy makeup, and not every day.

Finally, I put on bright baby pink blush and lipgloss, and add the wig.

I think this shade of hair looks quite nice on me, but I love my waist-length black hair so I won't be dyeing it any time soon.

Thanks for reading! :D