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Monday, July 27, 2009

Emily the Strange/Ju-On inspired Heavy Smoky Eye

Since getting my Max Pure Grey lenses, I had wanted to see how they looked with makeup. Originally I wanted to do a look inspired by Emily the Strange, but I went overboard with the eyeshadow and ended up looking like the ghost from Ju-on. =___= Actually, I think the makeup itself looks quite nice, it just didn't turn out the way I wanted it. I think my eyes also look freakishly huge with the lenses and makeup on.

What I used for this look:
- Too Faced Shadow Insurance eyelid primer
- Black, gunmetal and silver eyeshadow
- Black eyeliner pencil
- Black mascara
- Concealer (as lip color)

For heavy looks like smoky eyes, put on your eye makeup BEFORE your foundation; that way you can clean up the fallouts on top of your cheeks easily and keep your face looking clean. Put the eyelid primer all over your lids and along your bottom lashline. (Man these contacts are truly HUGE)

Put on black eyeliner thickly all around your eye, leaving a gap at the middle of your lower lashline. Wing the eyeliner slightly at the outer corner.

You don't need to be too neat when you apply the eyeliner, since we are blending it out later.

Go over the eyeliner with black eyeshadow, applying the shadow all over your eyelids up to slightly above your crease. Make the shadow slightly winged at the outer corner.

Hmm, seems that my "black" eyeshadow actually has some blue in it, guess I should get another one! :p

Apply the gunmetal eyeshadow starting from right above your crease, blending with the black eyeshadow, to just below your browbone. Also wing the shadow up and out at the outer corner.

Lift your eyelids slightly and color in your waterline with your black liner pencil. If you are uncomfortable with this, you can skip it; it just gives better depth to my eyes and elimilates the flesh-colored line between my eyeshadow and my contacts when I open my eyes wide.

Finally, put the silver eyeshadow on the middle of your lower lashline, blending it a bit into the black at both ends. Put on a couple coat of mascara.

I skipped coloring in my brows because it would be covered with the wig; concealer was put on my lips to make them nude-colored. On goes the wig, and I am done!

The look didn't really turn out very Emily-esque, and the silver also makes it look like I am squinting all the time.

The gunmetal eyeshadow is from the NYX palette "Ceramics". The other two colors are a dark grey with small glitter and a black with larger glitter, both of which isn't too exciting. However, I think the gunmetal shade is quite lovely indeed. :)

The circle lenses looks perfect for this look, and proves that with such large lenses, you just have to wear heavy makeup in order to avoid looking like an alien. OK I still look freaky but at least my eyeballs are more in proportion with the rest of my face! XD

Thanks for reading this goth-tastic tutorial, I will try to do a more colorful look next time!


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Circle Lens Review - Dollyeye Brown

I have been looking for amber-colored lenses for a while, and most of the circle lenses out there only have a sissy light brown-ish color. When I came upon photos of Dollyeye Brown lenses, I knew that they would be what I wanted! :D

There are no official ads for these lens, so here's a pic of them in their case:
As you can tell, they are very densely pigmented. This is actually the back of the lenses, so the black designs are a bit lighter.

Here's a pic of them on my eyes, in normal indoor light:
As you can see, it is very unnatural and doll-like (making the lenses' name very appropriate) when you stare at them at such a close distance. I freaked my sister out a bit too. XD

Here's a pic of the lenses with me looking directly at some lights:
Surprisingly, the lenses seems to look more natural in this kind of light! They seem less convex (curving out) this way, so they look more like my real eye color (just that little bit though). Yay for yellow eyes. :D

Another interesting note: I put the lenses on in the relatively dim light of my bathroom, and immediately noticed a distinct gold "halo" around my field of vision. When I took this photo the halo went away. Therefore, I can imagine the relatively small clear area in the lenses being an annoyance for some people.

Here is a flash pic, with no color correction. My camera sucks when it comes to flash pics.
There is absolutely no blending of the lenses' color with my real eye color, which I don't mind much since I got these for cosplay anyway (Twilight lulz :U). It is not like someone would take a pic of me at such a close distance normally anyway!

For the enlarging effect of the lenses, here is me wearing only one lens:
Major lazy eye alert! XD Ignoring that, you can tell that the lens has a moderate amount of enlarging, with a solid outer ring of black. It would be awesome if they come out with Dollyeye Red, but for now I will stick to my non-prescription Red Wolf lenses.

I then put in a Nudy Brown lens to take this comparison pic:
The Dollyeyes were bought to replace my Nudys, since I think the gold-brown color of the Nudys are not intense enough for me. The Nudys seems to be a wee bit bigger than the Dollyeyes, but the color definitely are not as vibrant.

Here are the final scores for Dollyeye Brown:

DESIGN - 2/10 for everyday wear, 10/10 for cosplay. Extremely unnatural in normal lights, but awesome for the stage and costumes.
ENLARGEMENT - 7/10. They are decently enlarging, but most of the focus would be on the strong color instead anyway.
COMFORT - 7/10. I only wore them for the photos, but they are a bit thicker than normal lenses, especially when I compared them with the Nudys.

OVERALL - 5/10 for everyday wear, 8/10 for cosplay. Do not expect people to believe this is your real eye color when you wear these lenses, and be prepared for the creepy-doll-eyes comments! XD


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Circle Lens Review - EOS Max Pure Grey

I received two pairs of new lenses today, and I tried on one pair just now! So here is my review of EOS Max Pure Grey.

Here is the ad for the lenses. They are a re-issue of EOS Pure Grey with a larger outer ring.

Here are the lenses in the case. Even looking at them like this, I can already tell they are BIG. o_O
The lenses being worn in normal light:
This pic is taken with me looking directly at a bunch of lights:
The lenses under in-my-face flash:
These lenses gives my eyes a dreamy, Leah Dizon-esque grey cast, so they are not flat black like the other black lenses. The color is not so light as to give me the cataracts look that I don't like with some grey lenses.

Oh yea, did I mention they are HUGE? I had a bit of trouble putting them in at first, and they almost make me look like an alien! XD

To show you just how large they are, I took one of the lenses off:
See? Frigging HUGE.

I also put on other lenses I have as comparison to them.

Hana SPC Platinum Brown vs EOS Max Pure Grey

GEO Nudy Grey vs EOS Max Pure Grey

Here are the final scores for EOS Max Pure Grey:
DESIGN 8/10 - Love the Dizon-esque soft look these lenses give my eyes, and they also blend quite well with my normal eye color in most lighting.
ENLARGEMENT 11/10 - Holy sh*t these are HUGE, may be a bit too big actually!
COMFORT 7/10 - They are not particularly thick, but my eyes are a bit red after wearing them. Maybe I just haven't soaked them for long enough.

OVERALL 8/10 - A nice pair of lenses with good color design and powerful enlargement :)


Friday, July 17, 2009

Misa (Death Note)-inspired punk chick makeup

Here is a look inspired by punk-ish chicks like Avril Lavigne (her music is OK, no big fan here though) and Misa from Death Note, a popular Anime/Manga. I think you all know how Avril looks, so here's a pic of Misa:
What I used:
- Too Faced Shadow Insurance eyelid primer
- Army-green eyeshadow in light, medium and dark
- Red lipliner as eyeliner
- Black gel eyeliner
- Pink shimmery eyeliner pencil
- Mascara

Apply the medium green eyeshadow all over the lid up to the hollow of the eyesocket.

Shade the outer V of your eyelid with the dark green eyeshadow, and put a bit on the outer half of your lower lid as well. Clear the outer corner of your eyes of eyeshadow using a Q-tip.

Apply the light green shadow to your browbone and extend it downwards in a C-shape around your eyes to the top of your cheekbones. Blend the dark and light green together a bit.

Put the red liner on the inner V of your eyes, staying a bit away from the actual lashline. Red products are not recommended to be used right next to your eyes, so be careful!

Apply the black gel liner as shown, going between the red and your waterline. Leave a gap at the outer corner, and do two "wings" with the liner.

Apply the pink shimmery eyeliner to your waterline and between the two black "wings". You can use white liner for a more dramatic effect.

Finally, curl your lashes and apply mascara, and color in your brows if you like.

I am wearing a layered blonde wig that I styled and put in the hair accessories after I put it on. This shade of blonde looks better on Asians than platinum blonde I think. :p

I am wearing red earrings too, but the wig hid them.

Oh yea, on my lips is MAC "Blankety" lipstick, which is the perfect nude shade on my pink-ish skin. My sister said it is grey-ish on her, but she is much tanner than me.

As usual, the bathroom provides the only lighting that I can take good photos in; my camera hates blondes, apparently, and refuse to focus in any other light around the house. =____=

Hope you like this tutorial! :D


FOTD - Kumiko eye makeup trial take 2

Today I tried to do Funayama Kumiko's eye makeup again using new lower lashes. Even though the lower lash still look a bit weird, I think I am definitely getting closer to achieving it! :D

This is Kumiko BTW:

and this is my last attempt: http://makeup-piggy.blogspot.com/2009/06/tanned-gyaru-look-tutorial.html

EDIT: Here are the lashes I used -


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

FOTD - Black w/ Pink Glitter

I bought a new pink glitter liquid liner and decided to play with it a bit, taking pics along the way. I think the result kind of sucked, but the process looks interesting and might work as reference for the future. Therefore, this post is more of a flowchart than an actual tutorial of this weird cybergoth-y look. Laugh at the suckage along with me! :p