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Monday, November 23, 2009

Video Tutorial - 40's Pin-up Inspired Makeup

I had wanted to do a tutorial on a vintage-inspired look since I started this blog, and I finally did it over the weekend. This can also be called the "Dita von Teese look", since it is also heavily inspired by her signature eyeliner and red lips. To be honest I don't think I look very good in this kind of makeup, it makes me look like a trashy vampire. :p

Here is the video:

And here are a bunch more photos of the final result. I tried doing a video of how I did the hair, but since I don't have a tripod with me I couldn't really do it.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! :)


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Circle Lens Review - EOS Max Pure Brown

After purchasing my EOS Max Pure Grey and finding out how awesome they are (read my review), I decided to get the Brown ones as well. These lenses indeed do not disappoint, and I am very happy with them :)

Here is the ad for the lenses:
Here are the lenses in their case:

Indoor Light


The Max Pure Browns have a distinctive cogwheel-like caramel brown coloring surrounded by a dark brown outer ring. The distribution of the pixels are very unique, and I think that is why these lenses (both Grey and Brown) give the dreamy Leah Dizon look.

Get ready for a crapton of closeups of my eyes, because good grief I took a lot of photos!

First up here is me wearing the pair of lenses on both eyes, standing next to a sunny window. I love how watery my eyes look with these on.

I tried opening my eyes to their widest but the lenses still touches the edges of my eyes. Oh boy these lenses are BIG.

Here is a photo taken in bathroom light. The focus and white balance is kind of crap, but you can still tell the slightly dreamy coloring of the lenses.

I also took a flash picture in the bathroom. You can kind of see the cogwheel pattern here.

And finally, risking blindness, I took a pic in direct sunlight. It is impossible to open my eyes normally though. :p

I then took off one of the lenses to do some comparison shots. Here is one taken next to the window:
This one is taken in the bathroom:

And here is another direct sunlight photo:
As I said before, these lenses are huge, and only wearing one make me look like the "o_O" emoticon. You can also see how natural the color is compared to my real eye color.

Speaking of natural, I put on one Hyper Size Platimum Brown lens, which is my "natural" lens, for more comparison shots. Here is one taken next to the window again:

In the bathroom:

And with flash:

Compared to the Max Pure Brown, the eye with the Platinum Brown look kind of flat and dead. The Max Pure Brown lens is also slightly bigger than the Platinum Brown.

I then put on a Max Pure Grey lens to see how they would look side-by-side. Window shot again:

Bathroom light:

And flash:

The Greys have a thicker outer limbal ring, and the color difference between the ring and the inner part is larger, but these two lenses have similar pixel distribution and sizes.

Finally, here are a few extremem closeups for you:

Window light

Direct Sunlight


And here's a pic showing you the halo when I look to the corners of my eye (kind of Sadako-ish, don't you think? XD) :

Here are my verdicts for the EOS Max Pure Brown circle lenses:
Design: 10/10 - These lenses are natural yet stunning in any light. I call these my Chii lenses, because they look very similar to the dreamy warm brown eyes of Chii (from the anime Chobits) when I wear them.
Enlargement: 11/10 - Any bigger and it would start to look creepy, to be honest.
Comfort: 9/10 - No significant discomfort for me; the redness in some of the pics is from lack of sleep. :p
TOTAL: 10/10 - What a lovely pair of natural-style lenses, I love them a lot and would recommend them for anyone looking for "my eyes but better" circle lenses :D


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Video Tutorial - Purple Fantasy

This is a recreation of my other Halloween "look" this year. I was a Gothic Dandy, and wanted to do a colorful yet dark look to go with my outfit. All the eyeshadows used in this video is from the Sleek Divine palette in "The Original"; this palette is AWESOME, and I can't thank Mizz Worthy enough for sending it all the way from the UK to me.
(I am well aware that the name for this "look" is mega-cheesy, but I can't come up with anything else! :p)

Here is the video:

And here are a few more pics!