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Saturday, April 11, 2009

My makeup brushes

Just wanna show you guys my collection of makeup brushes. Most of these I bought one by one, but a few came in a set.

Since I got the new brushes I ordered from Coastal Scents today, I figure I should share my makeup brushes with you guys :D

First up are my powder or face brushes. From the left are two loose powder brush (the white one is softer and fuller), one angled brush that I use to blend face-shadings, and a smaller face brush for highlights and shimmers on larger areas.

These three are my foundation brushes. The first one is a knockoff of the famous MAC 187 stippling brush, which I use for light application of two-way cake or mineral foundation. The next one is a very dense and soft flat-top brush for heavy application of mineral foundation. The last one is a liquid foundation brush.

Next up are my cheek brushes. The black one is my rounded blush brush that I use frequently. The next one is angled for applying contour or shading powder. The black-handled fan brush is for very light application of blush to a larger area, kind of like a flush; the other fan brush is for dusting off any eyeshadow that has fallen on my cheek.

Here are my large eyeshadow brushes. From the left, there is a big dense brush for all-over shadow (as a base, usually), a duo-headed brush exclusively used with my MAC Sculpt and Shape powder, and a bunch of larger eyeshadow brushes, with the last one being an angled brush for applying to the crease.

The first one on the left is a soft pointed brush for applying shadow over eyeliner to set it. The next three are small brushes for precise application; the next two are blending brushes for softening lines between colors. The pink one is a very dense, slightly rubbery-bristled brush for smudging eyeliner and making smoky eyes, and finally the sponge-tipped applicator is exclusively for highlighting the inner corners of my eyes with shimmery white or silver eyeshadows.

The first two in this pic are brushes for gel eyeliners; I also dip them in water to apply eyeshadow wet as eyeliner sometimes. The next three are brow brushes, I use the comb-shaped one to tidy my brows before putting on brow pencil or powder; the spoolie is for brushing off any face powder that was trapped in the brow, as well as blending brow pencil lines; the yellow brush is for brow powder. The metallic comb is for removing clumps and separating my lashes after mascara.

Finally here are two concealer brushes and three lip brushes. The lip brushes rarely get used since I don't wear lipstick that much.

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