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Thursday, December 31, 2009

FOTD - Rainbow Bolt

I have nowhere to go and nothing to do this New Year's Eve, so I played a bit with my 88 color palette. This is kind of uninspiring, but at least I got to test out some more colors on the palette. :p



Sunday, December 20, 2009

Butterfly Faerie Makeup tutorial

Even though it is deep winter right now, I bring you a colorful spring-inspired look today :D Inspired by butterflies and faeries, and using a pair of false lashes I got back in Halloween, this is a girly and fantastical look that was a lot of fun to do!

This is my first extensive use of my new Coastal Scents 88 Piece Makeup Palette, and I want to add to the choir of praises for this palette! The shadows are very vibrant and solid, and having so many colors is very inspirational indeed. I got it during the thanksgiving sale, and I am so glad I finally own this amazing palette!

I used six colors of shadow for this look, and I have indicated them below. In the following step-by-step I will refer to them by the number.

First, in order to maximize the area of eyeshadow application, I blocked out my eyebrows using the gluestick-and-concealer method. I also put concealer under my eyes to cover up dark circles, and applied a primer to my whole eyelid and the top of my cheekbones.

I drew a fake crease along and slightly above the hollow of my eye socket using #1 (dark brown).
I then add some shading to the fake crease with #2 (dark plum-purple), fading it towards my temples, and along the outer lower half of my eyes.

I applied #3, a light fuchsia, all around the plum-purple and up into my temples, cheekbones and underneath the outer half of my eyes.

Using #4 (light lemon yellow) I shaded my whole eyelid up to the fake crease, as well as highlighted the inner corners of my eyes and below the inner half of my eyes.

I blended #5, a lime color, into the outer half of the lemon yellow to give it some depth and contrast with the purple in the fake crease.

To add more color, I applied #6, a light aqua, to the area where my real eyebrows begin (I have no idea what it is called, sorry :p). I also lined the top and the outer lower half of my eyes with black liquid eyeliner.

I then curled and applied mascara to my eyelashes so they will blend with the false eyelashes a little bit better.

Finally, I drew on the antenna/eyebrows and put on a pair of very long but sparse false eyelashes.

I covered my lips with foundation and put on a bit of glitter on my cheeks; too bad the glitter never shows up in pictures. I also roughy styled my white wig into a bouffant of sorts.
I hope you like this look as much as I had fun creating it! :)


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Holiday makeup - Holly Eyes

I made this "look" a few days ago, but I just noticed today that MissChevious did a sort-of similar green-centered look for her newest video (complete with the three dots under the eyes). I did NOT copy her, I swear! XD


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

FOTD - Cool Brown Smoky

I haven't made a Face Of The Day post for quite some time, so I figure I should put up this run-of-the-mill brown smoky eye with false lashes and black eyeliner on my waterline, paired with nude lips. :)

p.s. Thank you for 150+ followers! :)