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Monday, April 20, 2009

Oh my pretty Oshare boy~~


A Japanese music and fashion style, translating to "fashion conscience." The bands of the oshare kei genre, unlike those of visual kei, are bouncy and bright, their songs focusing on happy and positive messages like friends and relationships. Their style is colorful and vibrant, sometimes similar to decora, but usually much more toned down. Other than occasional eyeliner and colored contacts, they rarely wear alot of makeup, also unlike the visual kei genre. Oshare kei started to appear around 2001, and was said to have been started by Ryo of Baroque in their PV "Anakuro Film". (from Urban Dictionary)

This is my interpretation of the Oshare-Kei look spotted by Japanese bands like An Cafe, Irokui and Charlotte. It has been quite a while since I listen to any J-rock, and I don't know most of the bands in the magazine nowadays, but I find this look very cute and fun to wear. Here is a closeup of the eye makeup:

I also finally did my first live-action makeup tutorial! I recorded all the steps I took for this look, check it out!

I threw together this outfit from stuff I have in my closet. It is not as Oshare as I would have liked, but I don't wear much neon or "happy" colors so this is the best I can do. :p

This are taken in my bathroom, please excuse the lame shower curtains. XD

The awesome wig I am wearing is made out of half black and half white hair, I wonder if my hair would look like that in 10 years. XD

A couple more closeups:

The crystals are loose craft Swarovskis left over from my blinging spree a while ago :D

And finally, more camwhoring!

This is a fun look that can definitely be worn for a night out (without the blocked-out brows maybe :p), and I had a blast doing the tutorial. Hope you like it <3


Whit said...

this is sooo creative!!! i hope you join my contest!!! :)

♥ ruмiko Hayashi♥ said...

i love this the much!!

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