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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Illamasqua Contest update

Check out the finalists for the Illamasqua contest!
I made it into the final 6, but they picked my Succubus instead of my Ningyo. o_O I personally felt that Succubus is my least creative look, and looking at the other entries, I have zero chance of winning now :(

By the way, a big welcome to my new followers! Thanks for helping me break the 50-follower mark :)


CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

oh thats why im wondering why they post your succubus instead of the ningyo look,in my opinion tehy chose the succubus because they know thay if they picked the ningyo then you will out score all the contestant,it'll perfectly stand out,but that is quiet unfair for you.i dont know why they picked the succubus instead of the ningyo.but still ill definitely vote for your looks i love them all but i favorited ningyo hehe

KRYSTAL said...

i still think your the best out of everyons and u definately stand out!

Krystle Clayton said...

The reason we picked the Succubus look is because that one best reprisents what Illamasqua is about, both Mizzworthy and I found it very difficult to decide between this look and the Ningy because we thought they were both stunning but we both agreed that the succubus (in our opinion) would be a better entry as Alex Box who is judging it would most likely love this one. Also we didn't want the fact that the Ningyo look had been photoshopped to loose you any points.
I hope that clears this up for you and that you know that in no way would we try to hinder your chances of winning.
Love Krystle. x

mizzworthy said...

Just wanted to really second what Krystle said above too - quite a few of the finalists had made more than one entry to the contest and we tried to choose the look that gave them the best chance of winning, and this obviously includes your entries. I was unaware you were running a vote on your entries as one of your readers above suggests?

I'm not sure why you think that the succubus look was the least creative? We felt that this look was the one which allowed your skills to show through the best and the detailing and blending in the look was great.

Krystal and I felt the looks we chose were the best we recieved - I have already mentioned on my blog that we had difficulty deciding between this look and the Ningyo look, however we felt the succubus look was the one which showed off your skills best. I'm sorry if you are unhappy with that choice.

I also have to say that I resent the implications made above by your reader CamRenRai16 that we chose this look to somehow give the other finalists a better chance of winning. I was very disappointed to read this comment as it not only casts disparagement on the judges decisions (I am a huge fan of artistic makeup looks and Krystle is a makeup artist who actually works for Illamasqua herself, as well as having a successful freelance career), but also seems to imply that the other entrants are somehow less skilled or worthy or their places as finalists, and this is something that you yourself Piggy, would surely disagree with?

I would also like to point out that the contests are meant to be fun, and we hope to appeal to a wide range of readers with them. I hope you continue to enjoy the series.

MizzWorthy x

Anonymous said...

Surely if you want to "control" what entry judges can choose you should only have entered once? I think this post comes across as spoilt and superior. Here's hoping someone more grateful does win.

Saskia the Salsa Fairy said...

I think you have just sucked the fun out of this contest for yourself!!

Don't enter more than one look if you don't want them all to be considered.

Next time, perhaps you should think before posting something that could potentially defame another blogger!!!!

Laura said...

I can understand that you may not think the entry that was picked was your best look, however that is YOUR opinion. If, like the two comments above say, you did not want that entry to be considered you simply should not have entered it. By entering it you allowed Jen and Krystal to have 3 looks from yourself to consider along with everyone elses. To turn around and judge their decision is downright rude. I think you have turned something which should be fun into something that will now reflect badly on yourself...not to mention making the judges feel cornered.

❤ Piggy ❤ said...

Geez, aren't you guys taking this even more seriously than myself? *sigh*

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

oooohh.sorry i you mislead my comment,that was nothing personal guys.and that is only my opinion.i dont represent anybody.^_^.excuse my loud mouthed attitude.

Sarah said...

I'm a little late in contributing (working and travelling!) but I have some points to make:

1)I think it's incredibly offensive that DressJunkie implies you're ungrateful. I think it's clear your blog entry reflected a moment of personal anxiety rather than any snobby or superior undertones.
2)I don't see Saskia's logic when she infers that you have defamed another blogger. All you said was you didn't think you'd win as you felt your chosen entry wasn't your best. This is an opinion. You are entitled to those! For goodness's sake people, relax...these are beauty blogs and not legal writs.
3) Your blog entry wasn't rude and i don't believe you were trying to jude the decision of the judges. As mentioned above, I think you were just writing down what you were thinking. Unless the three individuals I have mentioned above never have thoughts that could be construed as less than 100% angelic it is not really appropriate for them to lay into you as they have.

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