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Friday, July 17, 2009

Misa (Death Note)-inspired punk chick makeup

Here is a look inspired by punk-ish chicks like Avril Lavigne (her music is OK, no big fan here though) and Misa from Death Note, a popular Anime/Manga. I think you all know how Avril looks, so here's a pic of Misa:
What I used:
- Too Faced Shadow Insurance eyelid primer
- Army-green eyeshadow in light, medium and dark
- Red lipliner as eyeliner
- Black gel eyeliner
- Pink shimmery eyeliner pencil
- Mascara

Apply the medium green eyeshadow all over the lid up to the hollow of the eyesocket.

Shade the outer V of your eyelid with the dark green eyeshadow, and put a bit on the outer half of your lower lid as well. Clear the outer corner of your eyes of eyeshadow using a Q-tip.

Apply the light green shadow to your browbone and extend it downwards in a C-shape around your eyes to the top of your cheekbones. Blend the dark and light green together a bit.

Put the red liner on the inner V of your eyes, staying a bit away from the actual lashline. Red products are not recommended to be used right next to your eyes, so be careful!

Apply the black gel liner as shown, going between the red and your waterline. Leave a gap at the outer corner, and do two "wings" with the liner.

Apply the pink shimmery eyeliner to your waterline and between the two black "wings". You can use white liner for a more dramatic effect.

Finally, curl your lashes and apply mascara, and color in your brows if you like.

I am wearing a layered blonde wig that I styled and put in the hair accessories after I put it on. This shade of blonde looks better on Asians than platinum blonde I think. :p

I am wearing red earrings too, but the wig hid them.

Oh yea, on my lips is MAC "Blankety" lipstick, which is the perfect nude shade on my pink-ish skin. My sister said it is grey-ish on her, but she is much tanner than me.

As usual, the bathroom provides the only lighting that I can take good photos in; my camera hates blondes, apparently, and refuse to focus in any other light around the house. =____=

Hope you like this tutorial! :D


Karen said...

This looks is definitely punk + anime, although I didn't know the two could exist together hehe. This is pretty cute.. definitely would stand out at a costume party!

❤ Piggy ❤ said...

@Miss K.: There are quite a number of punk-dressing anime characters actually, I just can't name another one off the top of my head right now! :p

mizzworthy said...

Great Anime look!

Julia said...

wow, coool!
Great make-up
i love ur eyes :3

Crissy K said...

OMG, you can't get any cuter! I love how you transform your self and really get into it with the wigs. Awesome, You are really talented!

Unknown said...

I love this take on Misa! I love your blog too... you're awesome at what you do! =)

Nur Shakirah (─‿‿─) said...

Wow, what a great look of Misa!!

Anonymous said...

thanks. so much for the tut. im sure to use it fo rmy misa cos play n_n

C said...

This is my favourite of you!

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