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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Circle Lens Review - Dollyeye Brown

I have been looking for amber-colored lenses for a while, and most of the circle lenses out there only have a sissy light brown-ish color. When I came upon photos of Dollyeye Brown lenses, I knew that they would be what I wanted! :D

There are no official ads for these lens, so here's a pic of them in their case:
As you can tell, they are very densely pigmented. This is actually the back of the lenses, so the black designs are a bit lighter.

Here's a pic of them on my eyes, in normal indoor light:
As you can see, it is very unnatural and doll-like (making the lenses' name very appropriate) when you stare at them at such a close distance. I freaked my sister out a bit too. XD

Here's a pic of the lenses with me looking directly at some lights:
Surprisingly, the lenses seems to look more natural in this kind of light! They seem less convex (curving out) this way, so they look more like my real eye color (just that little bit though). Yay for yellow eyes. :D

Another interesting note: I put the lenses on in the relatively dim light of my bathroom, and immediately noticed a distinct gold "halo" around my field of vision. When I took this photo the halo went away. Therefore, I can imagine the relatively small clear area in the lenses being an annoyance for some people.

Here is a flash pic, with no color correction. My camera sucks when it comes to flash pics.
There is absolutely no blending of the lenses' color with my real eye color, which I don't mind much since I got these for cosplay anyway (Twilight lulz :U). It is not like someone would take a pic of me at such a close distance normally anyway!

For the enlarging effect of the lenses, here is me wearing only one lens:
Major lazy eye alert! XD Ignoring that, you can tell that the lens has a moderate amount of enlarging, with a solid outer ring of black. It would be awesome if they come out with Dollyeye Red, but for now I will stick to my non-prescription Red Wolf lenses.

I then put in a Nudy Brown lens to take this comparison pic:
The Dollyeyes were bought to replace my Nudys, since I think the gold-brown color of the Nudys are not intense enough for me. The Nudys seems to be a wee bit bigger than the Dollyeyes, but the color definitely are not as vibrant.

Here are the final scores for Dollyeye Brown:

DESIGN - 2/10 for everyday wear, 10/10 for cosplay. Extremely unnatural in normal lights, but awesome for the stage and costumes.
ENLARGEMENT - 7/10. They are decently enlarging, but most of the focus would be on the strong color instead anyway.
COMFORT - 7/10. I only wore them for the photos, but they are a bit thicker than normal lenses, especially when I compared them with the Nudys.

OVERALL - 5/10 for everyday wear, 8/10 for cosplay. Do not expect people to believe this is your real eye color when you wear these lenses, and be prepared for the creepy-doll-eyes comments! XD


greyfl0wers said...
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❤ Piggy ❤ said...

Wow greyfl0wers, did you create a new LJ account today just so you can post a bitchy personal-insult comment on my journal about a single post I made in a forum? I feel flattered! Next time, at least have the guts to use your normal internet identity. Your comment is hereby deleted due to it not being related to my post.

Harley said...

Hi Piggy! I always read your blog but this is my first post here.
I wanted to know where did you get this circle lenses from, I'm cosplaying a character with yellow eyes and this lenses would be perfect for it.
I love your reviews and tutorials!
Greets from Chile!~

❤ Piggy ❤ said...

Harley: I got them from PinkyParadise.com :)

Grace said...

i LOVE your lense reviews!

I'm interested in the Seashell range (the ones that leah dizon wears) - have u tried them?

❤ Piggy ❤ said...

Grace: Nope, I haven't, sorry :p

lauzoe said...

hi !where can buy dollyeye?
many people said dollyeye =new bio
is that real ?

lauzoe said...



❤ Piggy ❤ said...

lauzoe: No, Dollyeyes are not New Bio, as far as I know.

Roxy said...

Another great review! I'm super happy that i found your blog. You're making it hard for me to decide which ones to get! haha! Thanks!

sketchingacynic said...

Hi, I was just wondering if your dolly eyes are prescription. They are similar to what I'm looking for in terms of cosplay and while I've been to pinkyparadise I've never ordered from them.

❤ Piggy ❤ said...

sketchingacynic: Dollyeyes do come in prescription, and mine are so (cus I have pretty bad eyesight).

sketchingacynic said...

Ah, okay. Thank you!

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