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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Circle Lens Review - EOS Max Pure Grey

I received two pairs of new lenses today, and I tried on one pair just now! So here is my review of EOS Max Pure Grey.

Here is the ad for the lenses. They are a re-issue of EOS Pure Grey with a larger outer ring.

Here are the lenses in the case. Even looking at them like this, I can already tell they are BIG. o_O
The lenses being worn in normal light:
This pic is taken with me looking directly at a bunch of lights:
The lenses under in-my-face flash:
These lenses gives my eyes a dreamy, Leah Dizon-esque grey cast, so they are not flat black like the other black lenses. The color is not so light as to give me the cataracts look that I don't like with some grey lenses.

Oh yea, did I mention they are HUGE? I had a bit of trouble putting them in at first, and they almost make me look like an alien! XD

To show you just how large they are, I took one of the lenses off:
See? Frigging HUGE.

I also put on other lenses I have as comparison to them.

Hana SPC Platinum Brown vs EOS Max Pure Grey

GEO Nudy Grey vs EOS Max Pure Grey

Here are the final scores for EOS Max Pure Grey:
DESIGN 8/10 - Love the Dizon-esque soft look these lenses give my eyes, and they also blend quite well with my normal eye color in most lighting.
ENLARGEMENT 11/10 - Holy sh*t these are HUGE, may be a bit too big actually!
COMFORT 7/10 - They are not particularly thick, but my eyes are a bit red after wearing them. Maybe I just haven't soaked them for long enough.

OVERALL 8/10 - A nice pair of lenses with good color design and powerful enlargement :)


Aralka said...

great effect
I've started to think about buying lenses...

Pop Champagne said...

cool I like them a lot! I've been thinking about buying them as well :D

Anonymous said...

wow. i love the color...i'm thinking of getting some...great blog!



hi, thank you for your review!!! i'm really looking for nice lenses and your own eye colour is similar to mine so this was really helpful :3

these lenses look reaaally nice :D i'm thinking of purchasing this one :3
btw do you know the diameter of this one? because it's listed as 15.5mm and 14.0mm on different places D:

❤ Piggy ❤ said...

ANJJAEJOONG``: I honestly have no idea, but I do know that there is "Pure Grey" which is 14.0mm, and the "Max Pure Grey" are bigger, so maybe it is 15.5mm?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this review. :) Makes me want to get them more than before. I've been eyeing these lenses for a while but I've always been worried about how dark they are.

If someone where to glance at your eyes, would they automatically notice it's grey or would they assume it's black before they could get a good look at them?

❤ Piggy ❤ said...

fuzzyspider: The lenses are definitely on the dark side, so people will assume they are black unless the light is good.

Anonymous said...

where did you get these?? I really want to buy them! :D please email me at koneko-chan_1004@hotmail.com i would greatly appreciate it!!

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