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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tanned Gyaru Look tutorial

I recently bought a pair of EOS Adult Green circle lens and they don't seem to work with my skintone much (see my review in the previous entry), so I decided to do a tanned look to see if the lens would be more pleasant-looking. I am very pleased with this makeup, since I have never tried to make myself tan before; in fact, I am a goth-tastic pale skin addict! XD

For this look I decided to try out traditional Gyaru magazine with all the contouring and highlight and awe-inspiring false lashes usage. I am especially inspired by this Popteen model, Kumiko Funayama:

Kumiko is the current "it" girl of the Popteen gyaru scene, she has been on its cover for almost half a year straight. She can be quite cute but I actually think she kind of looks like a mouse (appropriately her nickname is KuMickey!)

Annnnyway, let's move on to the tutorial!

I first covered my whole face and neck with a foundation that is 2 shades darker than my skin, borrowed from my tan sister. The foundation is from Ettusais, and covers real well since it is for acne skin. I set it with translucent powder.

I then applied bronzer powder to my whole face, and use a mid-brown eyeshadow on my temples, the hollow of my cheeks and underneath my jaw for contouring.

It kind of looks unnatural, but I tried using my normal contouring powder and it doesn't show up at all. I really went quite tan with this foundation! XD

Moving onto the eyes, I first covered my entire eyelid with light brown eyeshadow from my sister's Kate eyeshadow palette. There is a little bit of shimmer in the eyeshadow , but it doesn't show up in the photo...

I then added the darker brown eyeshadow from the same palette to the outer V of my eyes.

A little bit of the same eyeshadow is also applied to the outer half of my lower lashline.

A light gold eyeshadow is them applied to the browbone, the inner corners of my eyes and the under-eye area.

With eyeshadow done, I used eyelid glue to widen my double lid, and applied black gel eyeliner to the upper lashline. I extended the line downwards by about 5mm, and made sure the line is thickest at the middle of the eye.

Three sets of false eyelashes are then applied: a full set for the upper lash line, with a thicker set applied to the outer half for the doe-eyed look; a short but thick set is carefully cut up into individual "peaks" and each of these are applied to the lower lash line with a bit of space between them.

I then filled in my eyebrows with brown brow powder.

Using the same eyeshadow for contouring, I shaded the sides of my nose. I also applied pink shimmery blush, and shimmery highlight powder to my T-zone, the top of my cheekbones and the middle of my chin.

Finally I put on a milky-pink lipstick (Angel from MAC) and layered pale pink lipgloss on top.

And that's it! The false lashes were a pain to put on, especially the lower lashline, but I think the effect is quite stunning.

Have some camwhoring! :D

Took some pics in different lighting to see how I would look with a tan in these lights:

Bathroom Halogen Lights

Dining Room with Normal Lightbulbs

I also decided to pretend to be Middle Eastern with my scarf :P

I think I would look quite nice with a tan, but I would need a completely new wadrobe if I do tan! XD

Hope you liked this tutorial <3


*Nehs* said...

very pretty! i love the lashes on the lower lashes! what a cutteee look!!!!!!!

ekimura said...

Hi Hun~

WOW that is amazing transformation!! you can be in like Egg magazine! your contacts is nice doesnt really looks like circle lens but beautiful color! ^__^

-Yu- said...

amazing! i love your posts!
That is a transformation! you know what else will look great with the look, having sandy blonde hair like the Egg magazine model. That will be a perfection!

Anonymous said...

So cute i like the falsies you used!

Aslc99 said...

what are u using as a highlighter?

❤ Piggy ❤ said...

Aslc99: I think it is the highlighting shade from my MAC Shape and Sculpt compact in "Accentuate/Sculpt". It's be a while...:p

Adez༻ said...


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