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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

RE: Illamasqua Contest update

I am writing in reference to this earlier post regarding my thoughts on the Illamasqua contest I entered recently. Apparently it has caused a mini-uproar and I was called "spoilt and superior", and that even if my entry was picked, I do not deserve to win because of my attitude.
First off, my post was not meant to be a direct insult to the judges of the contest, and I deeply appreciate that they took the time to drop by to point out the reasons behind their choice. After reading their comments, I have to agree with them and I apologize if my post has made them feel cornered or cast them in a bad light.
Second, I have never ran a poll or tally on which of my entries was the best, nor do I think that my entries are in any way more outstanding or deserving to win than the other contestants'. However, they ARE my own creations, and I myself am most proud of entry #1, so I guess that's why my initial reaction is so strong and snobby-sounding. In the same thread, I cannot control what others think regarding this topic, and the comments posted only reflect on the poster's opinion and no-one else; I do not delete comments unless they are spam or outright personal insults with no basis or reason (eg. "lol u r ugly").
Finally, I just want to say that everyone did an excellent job for the contest, it had been loads of fun, and I am very sorry that my post has been such a killjoy for some of you guys. I guess I did take things a bit too seriously. Everyone just C H I L L A X, ok?

(BTW the pic above is of Rilakkuma, or Relax Bear, which has become one of my favorite cartoon characters recently :D)


Laura said...

Congrats on your prizes :) I think the 'uproar' of which you speak was fairly generated, because of the way in which your initial post was interpreted...however, I think you have redeemed yourself with the comments you make in this post. It was never a personal attack on you, and your entries were all superb, which I personally think is why it seemed odd for you to have made the post as you did! It did seem at the time as though your comments would put Jen & Krystle in an awkward position. Well done for being runner up though, you seriously have some artistic skills I'm envious of!

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

oooohh.sorry if you mislead my comment,that was nothing personal guys.and that is only my opinion.i dont represent anybody.^_^.excuse my loud mouthed attitude.i did not meant to disrespect anyone.i said that without knowing the judges thoughts and i am sorry,it was so wrong of me..and congrats.

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