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Saturday, May 2, 2009

"Sultry Purple" Mini-tutorial + Product Review

Finally, I found time to do another tutorial! This purple-based look is inspired by songstresses from the glamourous past, but softened so it is still wearable without looking trashy. It is also my opportunity to show off my newly acquired Japanese cosmetics:

Kiss Me Active Girl Deep Black waterproof eyeliner, and Lavshuca Gradation Color Eyes palette in PU-1. I am very pleased with these two products so far! The liner glides on smoothly without clumps, and the thickness/pointy-ness of the line is easy to control. The eyeshadow is highly pigmented, blends easily, the purples are not too blue or red (I am very anal about purple cosmetics :p), and not overly sparkly that glitter flies everywhere when I use a brush.

From the top left:
- Highlight/sparkle color in very pale violet (cyan star)
- Silver-white shimmer shadow (white star)
- Lavender shimmer shadow (fuschia star)
- Purple liner shadow with slight glimmer (red star)

Here is what I did for this look (color code same as above):

- Lavender shadow (fuschia lines) on the whole eyelid except the outer V
- Purple shadow (red lines) on the outer V (along crease and lashline) and blended outwards to a point, as well as outer half of lower lash line (red dotted lines)
- Light application of purple shadow to the crease near the nose (red line)
- White shadow on browbone (white lines) and inner half of lower lash line (white dotted lines)
- Highlight color dabbed onto highest point of eyeball, on the inner C of the eyes near the nose, and on cheekbone (cyan lines)
- Black eyeliner along upper lash line, extended and winged slightly upwards at the outer corners, and on the inner corners of the eyes for added depth
- False Half-lashes on outer half of upper lashline to further extend the eyes outwards and upwards

Here is what the result should look like:

This look gives a lot of depth to your eyes, and looks best when you glance slightly downwards with your eyes half-closed, kind of bedroom-eye-ish. Here is a photo with my eyes opened all the way, and you can tell that it just doesn't looks as good =____=

Here are a few photos demostrating what I was talking about regarding the downcast-eye angle:

I am wearing Everyday Minerals Intensive Foundation in Fairly Light, no-brand grey brow pencil, MAC "Summer Rose" Beauty Powder on my cheeks, and a mixture of fuschia and purple lipgloss from Bourjois and Shu Uemura on my lips.

Hope you liked the mini-tutorial, and I will definitely try to take step-by-step photos next time.


GiLiNG said...

pretty ^_^
lovin the lipcolor too =)

*Nehs* said...

hey pretty! this is a very unique look. really pretty!!

btw, thanks so much for the coment!

cerinebabyy said...

you kind of drew a fake crease here
anywhoo, it looks good

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