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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Black x White x Red Himegyaru (Tutorial Preview)

Here is my take on the "Himegyaru" Japanese fashion look, with my own twist thrown in. What is Himegyaru you ask?
Himegyaru is a very famous style, especially known in Tokyo/Harajuku. The girls are dressing up like a princess: Their hair is baggy at the top, curled at the bottom and mostly dyed blonde or brown. Ribbons are not only adorning their hair but their dresses, too- Himegyaru’s are famous for their expensive, velvet and cute clothes which are embroidered with laces and pearls. But the jewellery and accessories are only bought at famous brand stores (e.g. Liz Lisa), cell phones and cameras are overdone decorated and high heels plus dresses should fit the figure perfectly- those are the musts for being a real Himegyaru.
~from Nihon Watch

Basically, this is like a grown-up version of playing princess when you were a little girl, except with biiig hair and lots of cute and expensive dresses and accessories! All the poof and curls are my own hair by the way (except the bangs).

Some of you might think this makeup looks a bit freaky, and I agree too; I am actually channelling Shirosaki Himeka, a popular Himegyaru-style model and Ayumi Hamasaki lookalike. She always draws her lower eyeliner far away from her eyes and use dramatic false lashes to get the doll-like look.

Since I really hate how I look in pink, I did a black, white and red interpretation of the Himegyaru look instead. It seriously need more bows and frills though! XD

Want to learn how to do this look (makeup and hair)? Stay tuned for the video tutorial!


Jian said...

Woah! Good job! Very himegyaru... Must've taken ABSOLUTELY AGES!! Can't wait for the video tut =D

*Nehs* said...

whoa! love the hair! OMG! your Fuchsia Lizard is amazing! girl, you are the bomb! so following you now. :)

Beauty is Androgynous said...

aww the dress is super cute!! i'm so jealous!

I miss wearing cute things!
Darn weight gain! oh well I'm losing it slowly ahha.

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