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Friday, May 29, 2009

Mini-rant - Dirty brushes etc.

I hate it when I see people using dirty brushes, grubby sponges, and especially blunt eyeliner or lipliner pencils in their makeup tutorials. You are trying to set a good example or at least inspire other people to use makeup in a better and more creative way, why do you present yourself in such an untidy manner? Even if you don't clean your brushes immediately before the tutorial, at least brush them a few times on clean tissue paper to remove whatever shadow or powder that is left on the brush. Sponges are supposed to be used slightly moist anyway, so there is no excuse in not using a pre-cleaned sponge. Most importantly, sharpening your pencils keep them hygienic and easy to use! You don't want something that is covered in bacteria anywhere near your eyes, do you?

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