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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fuchsia Lizard

This is a rock-bitch/kabuki-inspired look done with some loose eyeshadow that I have neglected for quite some time. I was going to do a tutorial for this look, but I kept forgetting to take pictures of the steps. :p

Have a nice closeup of the eye design:

I would wear this look to go clubbing or a rock concert, since it is quite eye-catching and dramatic. Need to work on my blend-fu though.

Creepy-smug smile lolz

Inspired by xppinkx, I decided to throw together an outfit and took some pics. My tummy need some serious toning. =___=

I applied thehe ring of clear and purple crystal on the camera myself!
The fur jacket is actually forest-green in person, but somehow it looks blue in every single photo, no matter the lighting.

Love my cheapass purple jeans (HK$69) and belt (HK$40)

Why hallo thar underboob


Jian said...

That's some pretty cool eye-makeup going on there! Looks really stunning. =D

What bronzer do you use on the hollows of your cheeks? O_O Looks like you have amazing cheekbones. (Actually I think you might just have amazing cheekbones but it's worth asking xD)

Anonymous said...

wow nice job !

Anonymous said...

wow i <3 this one ;D

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