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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Circle Lens Review - Neo Cosmos 4-tone (Queen) Honey

Here is my review for Neo Cosmos 4-Tone (Queen) Honey circle lenses, sponsored by KoreaBigEyes. Holy crap do I love the color of these lenses, they are so natural yet so unique!

I am a big fan of the 3-Tone (Glamor) lenses from the same company (I wrote my first review on them) so when I learned that there is a 4-Tone version, I really wanted to try them out. One of the new colors in the 4-Tone version is Honey, a light golden-brown, which looked very interesting; and from the pics, you can see how awesome they look on my eyes!

Natural light
Indoor light
Even with the flash, you can tell how well the lenses blend with my natural eye color. The lenses are more translucent in color than the 3-Tones, but it really works with the very natural blending of the four colors on the lenses. It is kind of hard to tell on Honey, but there is the black outer ring, two different tones for the main color, and a brown inner ring around the iris.

Being 14.2mm lenses, the 4-tone do not give much enlargement, but since they are meant to look natural, that is perfectly fine with me.

Natural light
Indoor light
Here are the 4-tones compared to my Vassen Super Glamor Pink. The Glamor Pinks are much more opaque than the 4-tones, and the outer ring is a bit thicker, but the pattern is similar.

Natural light
Indoor light
Compared to my other yellow-brown lenses, Dollyeye Brown, the color is obviously a lot less vibrant (cus Dollyeyes are basically opaque "costume" lenses :p), but the effect is much more natural.
Natural light
Indoor light
Here are all the lenses used in this review. Clockwise from the top: 4-tone Honey right side up, Super Glamor Pink, 4-tone Honey upside down, Dollyeye brown. You can see the color of the Honey a bit better here. :)
Design: 10/10 - One of the most natural designs for lenses out there IMO
Enlargement: 7/10 - Just a wee bit, but that's what keeps it looking natural
Comfort: 9/10 - Neo lenses are pretty good comfort-wise
TOTAL: 8.5/10 - Much love for these lenses, Would look great with reddish hair I think. :D

Thank you KoreaBigEyes for the lenses!


Nicol said...

these do look natural hazel eyes!

♥ c.angie ♥ said...

It looks very natural i find :) It's pretty!

Sara said...

First to comment! first to say is...O-M-G!. I'm so glad I purchased these. I also got them from Koreabigeyes. They look sooo great on you! I'm a lensaholic so I'm super stoked at how beautiful the result you get. PLease do a makeup tutorial with these. I would so love you lol! no creep intended.


Madiha said...

OMG they look so pretty and natural!!

kaizokumousy said...

oooh I love the color on you!

Anney said...

Ooh pretty! I'd definitely get these before the dollybrown. Thanks for sharing :)

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