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Monday, February 21, 2011

Makeup for my Katsucon cosplay

I was at Katsucon (an anime convention in Washington DC) all weekend, so I don't have a proper post for you guys. Have a photo of the makeup for my cosplay of Antimony Carver from Gunnerkrigg Court instead. :D


Miss Krimson said...
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Anney said...

aw! cute :) your hair looks like cotton candy.

lisa said...

omg are you from DC?? i'm originally from the DC area and a lot of my friends went to this convention! :)

anyways i just wanted to say I LOVE your anime look it's so cool!!

i really love your blog and all the reviews that you do.. i'm a new follower :) would love for you to visit me and follow too!!

MeiBelle said...

Love it!! The pink wig reminds me also of Lightning from FF13 =)

glitteryeyesxx said...

NO FREAKIN' WAY! I had nooo idea you're from the DMV area. Yay! *hugs* I love it when I discover "local" bloggers near me. :)

One of my girl friends went there this weekend and she had a blast. It's not as big as Otakon but still fun, huh? I really want to go to one of these events...maybe someday. I don't know much about anime or cosplay though. So it'd be a neat first-hand experience!

ameno nine / terri ng said...

omgosh. You did an Antimony cosplay!!! I love Antimony! lol so awesome XDDD

♥Mishi à la mode♥ said...

wow nice hair!!! i can't wait to see pix of the anime convention!

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