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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sponsored Product Review - BeautyMaker Aqua Eye Undereye Concealer in #1

This is my review of Beautymaker Aqua Eye undereye concealer in #1, sponsored by Shoppingholics.com. Beautymaker is a makeup and skincare brand by Kevin, a famous makeup artist in Taiwan. I have heard quite a bit about this concealer before, and after trying it I would say that the hype is definitely worth it. :)

The concealer comes in a glossy black compact that is about 2"x2" in size. Inside is a small mirror on the lid, and the product on the bottom. The product itself is of excellent quality; it is watery-creamy in consistency, and the pigmentation is very intense. Here is how much I picked up just from lightly swabbing on the surface.
I tried on the product on my skin without foundation or primer. The color is a tad bit too light on my bare skin, but I can see clearly that the coverage is excellent. Notice that the under-eye area on your left (bare) has purplish discoloration near the nose, and brownish shadows on the outer corners of the eyes. I used the amount I swabbed above on the undereye area on your right, and the discolorations are almost completely gone. With foundation, I believe this product will be able to cover even the strongest undereye circles. The creamy consistency also spreads well and won't tuck on the delicate skin around the eyes.

Taken under natural light next to window

I am giving this product a 9/10, based on the nice packaging, good quality and how well it does it job. I am interested in trying out the products from the same line now!

Thank you Shoppingholics.com for the sponsor!


Anney said...

I have the worse, most horrible, awful undereye darkness. They are what I'm most insecure about. I doubt this would work wonders on mine. It does work great on you though and the packaging is nice.

l-article said...

Wow nice! It looks like it did a great job! I'm gonna check it out~ :3

♥ c.angie ♥ said...

I am a concealer freak!
I buy so many concealers each month now i kinda wanna try this haha thanks for the great review

♥ Noxin ♥ said...

Wow-- good coverage that doesn't look cakey. o:

●•★☆kokoa☆★•● said...

i like that coverage,hiiii girl im from mexico and you are my master!!!! i watch your videos of gyaru make up when I started to be gyaru
really helped me a lot!!!!!!!
when my friend see you i say she is my master!
i likeee sooo much!!!!
now you can see me as a gyaru,for you help!
thank you so much really!
and i follow you!!!!

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