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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Circle Lens Review - i.Fairy Ruby Red

Here is my review for i.Fairy Ruby Red circle lenses. I bought these myself, no sponsors this time! XD
When I learned about these lenses (the fact they come in red), I know I have to order them. I only have a pair of plano non-circle lens (see below), so it was really awesome to get them. The design were similar to the the EOS G205, but with a bigger diameter. I think the slightly lizard-y design works for the bold color.

Natural light (next to window)
Direct sunlight
Indoor light
Since I kept being asked for full-faced pics, here is one taken in natural light:

The 14.6mm diameter means these lens are quite enlarging. Here are comparison pics with my real eyes:
Natural light
Indoor light

I don't really have any good lenses to compare with the Ruby Reds, so here I compared to the similarly large GEO X-CK105. I quite like the one-red-one-back effect here actually. :p

Natural light
Indoor light
And here are comparison with my plano red lenses. Since I haven't worn them for a looong while, they irritated the heck out of my eyes. I threw them away after these pics, since I got new red lenses with prescription already. :p

Natural light
Indoor light

Here are all the lenses worn in this review.Clockwise from the top, the Ruby Red upside-down, the red plano lenses, the Ruby Red right side up, and the X-CK105.
Design: 9/10 - Nice bright red, looks real cool and goes with my skintone too
Enlargement: 9/10 - 14.6mm lenses are the biggest I will go I think.
Comfort: 9/10 - No discomfort but a whee bit thick
TOTAL: 9/10 - I want to wear these out while wearing all red and black, it would look awesome!


l-article said...

Oooh~! These are so pretty! And even more awesome that they come in prescription~ I'm a little afraid cause I normally where 14mm
I guess I can invest in these and either go big or go home xD

jooLee said...

your pictures have amazing quality!

Shara said...

Yay full face pic! :) looking good, don't look so abnormally large hehe xD I want I want!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! ^^
Do you mind telling me what site you bought them from? I would appreciate it. C:

❤ Piggy ❤ said...

Ninjaskiills: I bought them from Apple of Your Eyes (http://the-serenity-22.blogspot.com/).

Siany said...

I love your blog & circle lens reviews! These lens look very pretty though I probably wouldn't get a red pair :D

How do the different brands of circle lens compare in terms of comfort? If possible please could you do a general comparison post for the different brands you own? TIA!

MissKitty21 said...

i would love to buy these...how can i order them?^v^

Anonymous said...

these are so pretty! can you tell me where you bought them? :)

Shellcy said...

are these non-prescription? if not where do you buy non-prescription i.fairy lens?

❤ Piggy ❤ said...

Shelley: You usually don't need a prescription to buy circle lenses, you just need to know your degree. If you are looking for 0-degree lenses, any seller that sells them with degrees will have 0-degree lenses.

kaizokumousy said...

I love how it looks!:D I will buy a color like this for sure :D

Pretty In Pink said...

Hi! I noticed that you ordered these lenses from apple of your eyes (the serenity 22 blogspot) and was wondering how they are as far as shipping and tracking? How long did it take you to receive your lenses after ordering them? Thanks!

❤ Piggy ❤ said...

Pretty in Pink: I didn't have any problems ordering from apple of your eyes. It's been a while since my order though, so I forgot how long it took.

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