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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Circle Lens Review - GEO X-CK105 from CandyLens.com

Here is my review for Geo X-CK105 Black circle lenses. My one-sentence-review? Freakiest lenses ever. XD
This pair of lenses are generously sponsored by Candylens.com. They are an online shop based in Malaysia, with a very well designed website and excellent customer service. Just check out how they shipped my lenses:

They came in a bubble-wrapped gift box! (I got rid of the wrap for the photo). They also included a super-cute animal case that is solidly constructed and individually wrapped as well. These cases are part of Candylens.com's special promotion, so check them out: http://www.candylens.com/news/2/Special-Promo!-FREE-Cute-Animal-Lens-Case-for-every-single-pair-purchase!.html

I haven't bought Geo lenses for some time, so this is my first time getting lenses with the authentication sticker. Unfortunately I threw out the bottles and forgot to actually use the stickers...:p

As you can see on the bottle, these are 14.7mm lenses, which are bigger than any lenses that I have owned before. They are also all one single color, so the effect of wearing them are very stunning and almost creepy. (I think I look kind of soul-less :p)

Natural light (next to balcony)
Direct sunlight (the sun was BRIGHT, hence the derp-y look)
Indoor light (in bathroom)

For those looking for the ultimate dolly look and have very dark eyes (like me), these are the lenses for you! Even in direct sunlight, you can't really see the pattern of the lenses. I won't say they are natural, but they do give me "puppy eyes" to the extreme. Here is a pic of me opening my eyes to their biggest; the lenses are still touching the sides of my eyes!

To show you just how big the X-CK105 are, here are some pics of me wearing only one lens.

Natural light
Indoor light

The lenses are almost 1.5 times the size of my real iris! My "naked" eye looks underdeveloped by comparison. XD

Next, I will be comparing the X-CK105 with similar lenses that I own. First up are the Hyper Size Platinum Brown:
Natural Light
Indoor light
The Platinum Browns are my go-to lenses for natural looks, since they are the darkest brown lenses I have found so far (they are in fact black with a brown outer ring). The X-CK105 have a much sharper edge than the Platinum Browns, and are bigger with better dolly effect.

Next up are the popular EOS Max Pure Brown, which are my favorite brown lenses:

Natural light
Indoor light
These two types of lenses are comparable in enlarging effect, with the X-CK105 being a wee bit bigger IMO, but the Max Pure Browns gives a more natural and warmer feel to the eyes.

Last up are the Japan Big Eye Barbie Pop.C Dark Blues, which are the most opaque pair of lenses that I own:
Natural light
Indoor light
Both of these lenses have very dark, defined edges, but the X-CK105 are obviously bigger. :)

Here are all the lenses that I have worn for this review. In the top row, the X-CK105 are right side up on the left, and upside-down on the right. The bottom row are the Pop. C Dark, Platinum Brown and Max Pure Brown.

Design: 9/10 - The aim of the lenses are to give maximum enlargement and dolly-ness, and they sure achieved it! I still think they look freaky though. :p
Enlargement: 11/10 - PLEASE do not wear theses without makeup, you will look possessed! XD
Comfort: 8/10 - No particular discomfort, but I think they will be quite suffocating if you wear them for too long.
TOTAL: 9.5/10 - For the ultimate puppy-eye/doll-like look, choose these lenses!

Thank you Candylens.com for the lenses!


Anonymous said...

Hii!! nice post *O* I really like this lenses! >< do you think they'll fit green eyes?

Anonymous said...

I wonder your lenses are only 14.7mm? Mine's directly from Geo but it's 14.8mm. As far as I know, Geo lenses in Malaysia and Thailand has their own size of 15mm. I guess a lot of people complained and shrinked it a lil bit.

dblchin said...

wow... it really makes ur eyes look so much bigger!

❤ Piggy ❤ said...

Mandarina: I don't think they will look that good on any light-colored eyes, since you will see a wee bit of your own eye color in the middle surrounded by the freakishly thick black ring, kind of like how the Pop. C Dark lens look...o_O

Meg: That's an interesting point, I have never heard of that! Guess I should research into it.

CircleLensAddiction said...

I was wondering, when you do circle lens reviews could you PLEASE post full face pics aswell pleaaaaaaase <3 like with one on and one off and just with both in aswelll please :)

❤ Piggy ❤ said...

CLA: All the pics I post in the reviews are cropped from full-face shots, so even if I post full-face shots it won't look any different :p

CircleLensAddiction said...

Awwww but I just like to see how it looks overall hehe xD because I can see it looks big but I want to see how it looks from a distance with your face in there aswell. oohhh I'll just wait till you use them in a makeup tutorial or something then xD

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