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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Circle Lens Review - EOS Max Gold Black

Here is my review for EOS Max Gold Black (GBK-3) circle lenses, sponsored by MukuChu. There are one-color dark brown lenses with good enlarging, perfect for everyday wear. :)

Oh hey, this is also my 101st post! :D

Here is the advertisement for the lenses:

And here are pics of the lenses. I have a cold right now, so I look kind of squinty. :p

Natural light (next to balcony)
Direct sunlight
Indoor light

These lenses are single colored with spikes going into the middle, so they blend with dark brown eyes quite well. Some may find them kind of plain, but I think they are good for a natural look.

Since these are 14.5mm lenses, they are pretty good at enlargement without being bug-eyed.

Natural light
Indoor light

Here are comparison pics with my other pair of one-color lenses, Geo X-CK105:

Natural Light
Indoor light
The effect from these two types of lenses are very similar, except that the Max Gold Black are slightly lighter in color, and the X-CK105 are slightly larger.

I also compared the Max Gold Black with my Hypersize Platinum Brown, my other pair of dark brown lenses. Since the edge of the Platinum Brown are softer, they are more natural than the Max Gold Black.

Natural light
Indoor light
Here are the lenses that I wore in this review. Clockwise from the top, the Max Gold Black upside-down, the X-CK105, the Max Gold Black right side up, and the Platinum Brown.

Design: 7/10 - It's single color and simple in design, and some may find it boring
Enlargement: 8/10 - 14.5mm are the norm nowadays :p
Comfort: 8/10 - They kind of slide a bit on my eyes, you can tell especially in the direct sun pics.
TOTAL: 7.5/10 - These lenses are good for natural look, but they are nothing spectacular.

Thank you MukuChu for the lenses!


Ushishi said...

Man.. it really worries me when you say "14.5 mm is the norm" :( I have such a hard time getting those into my eyes, why can't they just make regular 14.2 ones that has the color extend more out into the clear part =P Congrats on your 101th post! you do great work, I been following you since your days on Manawannabe lol I used to be a Mana-Sama worshipper ^^

Take care,

❤ Piggy ❤ said...

Ana: I said that because it seems that the newer lenses are getting bigger and bigger, while 14.2mm lenses are getting less popular. I also hope they would make lenses with more color in the middle, but I imagine that it would kind of block some people's vision (like how Dolly Eye series does) so they decided to make the middle clear part big-ish.

♥ Noxin ♥ said...

Wow-- those look quite a bit darker than the advert pics/stock pics, in terms of the lenses themselves.

o: Still, pretty good blend for such a dark lens over brown eyes. :]

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