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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Circle Lens Review - EOS G205/Dueba Messish Kira Kira Sherbet Violet

Here is my review for the EOS G205 circle lenses, which is also known as, or at least look extremely similar to, Dueba Messish Kira Kira Sherbet (what a tongue-twister!). I bought these in Violet to replace my G&G BT02 Violet, which are one of my favorite pair of lenses. Unfortunately I have to say that I don't really like them. :\

These lenses has a solid black ring with spikes of black pointing inward, similar to the BT02, but the spikes are more numerous and thicker. Therefore, the violet color is not very obvious in most lights.

Natural Light

Natural light with flash

Indoor light (bad white balance, sorry)

Indoor light with flash

Apart from being darker than expected, the spike pattern is also slightly creeping me out for some reason. It looks a bit too organic for my taste (reminds me of sea anemone), if that makes sense.

As for enlarging effect, these are pretty decent since they are so dark. I took off one of the lenses to have some comparison pics taken:

Natural light

Indoor light

I then put in one of my BT02 Violet lenses; they are over a year old already so I am thinking of tossing them. After taking these pics, however, I guess I have to hold onto them for a bit.

Natural Light

Indoor light

Indoor Flash

See how much more brilliant the BT02 are? The G205 are bigger, but way too dark to be a good replacement for my BT02. I am kind of thinking of throwing them out since I don't think I will be wearing them. I do dislike them that much. :\

Here are a bunch of uber close-ups so you can see the lenses' pattern clearly.

Natural light

Indoor light


Design: 6/10 - Color is too dark, and the spike design makes me uncomfortable. One of my lenses has a slight misprint where the edge is fading too (see the pic directly above).
Enlargement: 8/10 - Noticeably bigger than my BT02.
Comfort: 8/10 - EOS lenses are always comfortable for me.
TOTAL: 7/10 - If you like the design and want a subtle pop of color, theses are the lenses for you. However, I am all for dramatic-looking lenses, so these are not really that interesting to me.


Nicol said...

ive got the Dueba Messish Kira Kira Sherbet Violet and the colour was more vibrant than the eos 205

❤ Piggy ❤ said...

Nicol: I know... the reason I picked up these lenses is because I saw your review/pics! :(

Anonymous said...

It's cool but I think it's better to choose another style with the another blend of color I guess..

Musicalhouses said...

I don't wear contacts because I'm still stuck in the glasses era, but I love how these look on you! :) Do agree they are quite subtle though, but they really do enlarge your pupil area :)

Her Ugliness said...

I found your photos in a circle lens store here, claiming that these were GEO lenses.

I am currently trying to prove a point that this store is not only selling not authentic GEO lenses, but is also stealing blogger's photos (they claim they got these photos by their customers, but I know they took mine without myknowledge / agreement): http://gohalainn.blogspot.de/2013/01/solution-lenscom-phototheft-and-circle.html

So this mails serves to letting you know that your photos were used there as well as confirming whethery ou gave them your photos yourself and whether you bought these lenses as GEO lenses?

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