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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Circle Lens Review - GEO Mimi Café Macchiato Brown

After 2 weeks of unplanned hiatus (busy weekends :p), I am back to review another pair of circle lenses: GEO Mimi Café Macchiato Brown. These are part of the new series from GEO inspired by cafe drinks. They all have very unique designs, and are also very enlarging. 

Macchiato Brown has a vortex-like pattern with multiple shades of brown, to imitate the drink that the design is based on. They look really cool up close, while being quite a good match for my natural eye color. 

Natural light (next to window)
Indoor light

These lenses are listed as 15.0mm, so they are really enlarging. I think makeup is definitely needed for wearing these lenses. :D

Natural light
Indoor light

The GEO Hurricane series have a similar swirly design, so here are some comparison photos. The Macchiato Brown have a more obvious swirl to them when compared to the Hurricane Brown, and they are also bigger in diameter.

Natural light
Indoor light

Here are some comparison with the popular GEO Princess Mimi Brown lenses. They seem to be the same size, but the Mimi Browns have a black outer ring while the Macchiato Brown has a dark brown outer ring.

Natural light
Indoor light

Here are all the lenses worn in this review. Clockwise from the top: Macchiato Brown right side up (showing off the really cool design), Hurricane Brown, Macchiato Brown upside down, Mimi Brown.

Design: 10/10 - One of the most interesting designs I have seen so far
Enlargement: 10/10 - Huge! :D
Comfort: 10/10 - They are surprising thin, and very comfortable.
TOTAL: 10/10 - Very nice lenses, but definitely need to be paired with makeup.


バニー said...

Ohhh, dag those are lovely! I wanted them but I was thinking they'd be lighter. However, I think the color looks good. I also have dark brown eyes.

♥ Noxin ♥ said...

Gahh--- everyone's reviewing these and they always look so lovely~!

This brown really looks great on your skin tone, too.

miiki!! 15 said...

macchiato lenses have black or brown edge?

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