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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween makeup tutorial - Succubus/demon/devil cut-crease look

As mentioned in my last post, here is a tutorial on my succubus/demon/devil makeup for Halloween 2011. From start to finish the whole look took almost 2 hours, but I will just focus on the eye makeup here.

I start by using Post-it notes to mask off clean lines on the outer edges of my eyelids. For a more detailed explanation on how to use this method, please refer to my Celestial Sparkle makeup tutorial. :)

I put red eyeshadow "wings"  along the socket edge of my eyes and blend it up and out.

Then I used a flat brush to trace fake creases below the red . I also joined the winged outer edge of the fake crease to my eye's outer corners.

I cleaned up the area below the black with a Q-tip, , then applied bright silver eyeshadow to the inner half of my eyelids, blending with dark silver in the outer half. The Post-it notes are removed, and I cleaned the edges with a Q-tip for definition.

I then lined my eyes first with black pencil eyeliner, winging the outer corners up. I also lined the edges created with the Post-it notes with white eyeliner pencil.

Black gel liner was traced over the pencil liner, and thinner details in the inner eye corners are added. I also added white eyeliner right in the inner corners of my eyes, as well as red and silver eyeshadow below the lower lashline. Silver eyeshadow is applied to my browbones above the red for highlight.

Heavily arched black eyebrows are added slightly higher than my normal eyebrows.  I also added silver glitter to the white line on the outer edges as well as in the inner corners of my eyes. They don't photograph that well though.

Finally, I put on a pair of false lashes that is longer at the outer corners on my upper lashline, and a pair of lower false lashes along my lower lashline. A fake beauty mark is added with pencil eyeliner as a finishing touch.

Here s the finished look. My lips are outlined and filled halfway in with black, then covered with red opaque lipgloss. Fake Bettie Page bangs were created using a cut-open hair donut pinned to my hairline, and the rest of my hair is curled. 

Here is a full-length shot of my costume. I made the horns and tail!


AmyInCyberland said...

This is so stunning! You look amazing. I love your costume and the way you changed the shape of your eyebrows. Good job!

o t t o said...

I still love those brows! This looks amazing, and your costume is awesome C:

L e n a said...

you look great!
i love how you look scary(!) and sexy at the same time.
have a great halloween! :)

shinibana said...

ooh I love the make up! :)

Trisha Denise Perez said...

love the makeup! especially the eyemake and the lips <3

Anonymous said...

Love the eye makeup and you looking amazing in that outfit!

Kat said...

Wonderful makeup! But I'm curious on where you got your contacts?

Panna Kropka said...

You look amazing.

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