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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Circle Lens Review - GEO Princess Mimi (AKA Tsubasa Bambie Series) Chocolate Brown + Discount code!

Here is my review for the highly-anticipated GEO Princess Mimi circle lenses in Chocolate Brown, sponsored by CandyLens. These have the same design as the Angel Color Bambie Series, designed by the popular Gyaru model Tsubasa Masuwaka. I must say that these lenses have quite an interesting design, and I am sure the design will be even more obvious in light-colored versions.

The lenses have a dark outer ring with spikes going into the middle, a speckled main color, and a golden brown inner ring around the pupil. They look very "transparent" when worn, giving depth to your eyes. They also remind me of Blythe eyes. :)

Natural light (next to window)
Indoor light
On the bottle, the lenses were labeled as 15.0mm in size. I must say they are quite large indeed!

Natural light
Indoor light

The lenses are more of a reddish-brown than the normal "brown" most circle lenses have. For example, when compared to my Barbie King Size Brown, they look quite red. The sizes of the two lenses are comparable, but the Mimi seems to be a wee bit bigger.

Natural light
Indoor light
I compared the Mimis with the biggest colored lenses I have on hand, GEO Super Nudy Brown. I think the Super Nudy are still bigger, but the pattern of the Nudy is less interesting than the Mimis.

Natural Light
Indoor light
Here are all the lenses worn in this review. Clockwise from the top: Mimi Brown right side up, King Size Brown, Mimi Brown upside down, Super Nudy brown.

Design: 9/10 - I think they look very unique and doll-like
Enlargement: 10/10 - LARGE. Might look unnatural without makeup.
Comfort: 8/10 - Not much discomfort from the 10-ish minutes I wore them for the review.
TOTAL: 9/10 - Very cute lenses, but definitely not for everyday wear! :)

CandyLens has generously offered you guys with a 5% discount coupon code: makeuppiggy. Just use it during checkout! :)

Thank you CandyLens for the lenses!


Anney said...

So dolly.

katie said...

I've been eyeing this since they came out... they're SO cute, and the reviews have been nothing short of "BUY IT NAOOOOOO". The large-ness kind of keeps me away though, because I'm afraid anything too big will just make me look awkward :(

Clarisse said...

thanks for the review! it was very helpful!
they look really good on you! it makes me wanna get them!

Teenyy said...

I have been searching for a decent review of these lenses forever! Oh goodness, I think I might just have to buy them now! :D

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