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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Circle Lens Review - EOS E-201 (Twisted Star Series) Violet

This is my review for the EOS E-201 Violet circle lenses, also called the Twisted Star series, sponsored by Mukuchu. I am a big fan of lenses with unusual design, and these are just so unique and gorgeous. I was sent these lenses by Mukuchu (I did not choose them) and I just want to thank them so much :D
Here is the official photo for this lens from EOS's website. They look very intense and kind of scary.
And here are the actual lenses:
When I first saw them I thought they would look very ugly on my eyes since the design is so harsh-looking. However, when I put them on, the effect was amazing!

Natural light (next to balcony)
Direct sunlight
Indoor light
The lenses look like they are glowing. The starburst/spiderweb shape in the middle might be a bit weird to some people, but the color is so gorgeous! I am now kind of curious how the other colors look.

Since these lenses are 14.0mm, there is not much enlargement:

Natural light
Indoor light
Purple is one of my favorite colors, so I am happy that I can add this pair of lenses to my collection. Here are the E-201 compared to my other lenses. First up are my EOS Adult Violet (which I still haven't written a proper review of -___-):

Natural light
Indoor light
The Adult Violets looks flatter in comparison to the E-201, but the color is slightly more pink. They also seems to be a wee bit bigger.

Here are the E-201 compared to my G&G BT02 Violet (which are quite old and need to be replaced :p):
Natural light
Indoor light
The BT02 are more blue-toned and has a darker outer ring, but I think they are both very pretty. :)

Here are pics of all the lenses I wore in this review. The middle-top is the E-201 right side up, and the middle-bottom are the lens upside down.

Design: 9/10 - Very unique design, looks incredible when worn
Enlargement: 5/10 - Eh, they are 14.0mm so the small-ness is expected.
Comfort: 7/10 - For some reason they slide around a lot on me.
TOTAL: 7/10 - Pretty cool lenses if you are a weird-lens collector like me, but not for those who want a natural look.

Thank you Mukuchu for the lenses!


CircleLensAddiction said...

Omg I love them!!! :O
I'm sooo getting these xD
Thanks for the review =D

♥ Noxin ♥ said...

Wow... guess I know what I'm pre-ordering from EOS next time. ;] The colour looks absolutely STUNNING on you~.

Tamara said...

They look fantastic on your eyes! I'm pretty much wowed by them o.O!

Lorina said...

OMG. Those are SO BEAUTIFUL! I can't get over them! I had to show my husband. Gotta definitely get those.

dblchin said...

Wow! The clrs are so vibrant n beautiful! I'M TOTALLY ENVIOUS!

petrina said...

they look so odd!! not for me, but great review!

chiaracat said...

L O V E L Y!!

candycupcake said...

I advise everyone not to go to mukuchu for circle lenses. I never received mine and i paid 50 dollars for them. Shes not returning any of my emails and I've sent several. I'm sure shes ignoring my emails because when I wanted to pay she emailed me the invoice right away. I am currently in the process of making a claim on pay-pal. The claim is taking so long to get my money back and the best thing to do is not let her scam you for your money. If she has nothing to hide why would she answer my e-mails?

❤ Piggy ❤ said...

candycupcake: Thanks for the heads-up, I will try to contact Mukuchu to see what's the deal as well.

mukuCHU said...

Hi, this is mukuchu!
We're sorry about the delay for everyone's orders. We have issued refunds for undeleivered items and the delays in answering emails is due to the holiday season, as one of the owners is away overseas.
We will try to return all processes back to normal while the eos agency helps us to order more stock.
An email has been sent regarding this matter to people that pre-ordered items.

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