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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Circle Lens Review - EOS Flower Brown

Here is my review for EOS Flower Brown, a relatively rare model of circle lenses (at least I have not seen them around much :p). They are sponsored by MukuChu, a blog shop based in Brisbane, Australia. Here is the design picture:

One of the reasons I decided to review these lenses is because of its interesting design, and I love collecting cool lenses. Seriously, doesn't it look awesome?

When I first got them, I was a bit concerned that they will look very jarring when worn, since the pattern is indeed as vibrant as in the design pic. However, when I put them on, the effect is very lovely, almost crystalline:

Natural light (next to sunlit window)
Direct sunlight
Indoor light

I really like how the little specks of light brown and white remains visible, while the "petal" pattern blends with my natural eye color. It gives a sparkly, almost anime-like look to my eyes while looking natural.

Being 14.0mm, these lenses obviously don't enlarge much. These are definitely lenses for those who like a more natural look, and they kind of remind me of the GEO Tear series, in the way they give sparkles to your eyes.

Natural light
Indoor lightFlash

Here are some comparison shots with two pairs of brown lenses that I own. First up are the very natural, very lovely EOS Max Pure Brown. The Max Pure Browns are 14.5mm, so they are noticeably larger then the Flower Brown. In terms of color, they are both very near my own dark brown eyes. (I dunno why I am halo-ing hardcore with the Max Pures o_O)

Natural light
Direct sunlight
Indoor light

The next is my go-to lenses for uber-dollyness, Barbie King Size Brown. The King Size are also 14.5mm, and has a very strong pattern when compared to the Flower Brown.

Natural light
Direct sunlight
Indoor light
Here are all the lenses I wore in the review. The top middle lens is the Flower Brown upside down, and the bottom middle lens is the lens right side up. As I said before, the patterning is very strong and eye-catching. I just wish I have waited a bit, since the Flower series now have pink lenses! :p

Design: 10/10 - Really cool and unique in the case, gives a great crystalline effect to the eyes when worn.
Enlargement: 5/10 - I am kind of spoiled by 14.5mm lenses now...
Comfort: 7/10 - For some reason I had a really hard time putting them on, but when they are in it is just as comfy as other EOS lenses.
TOTAL: 7/10 - These lenses would have a higher rating if they are not so difficult to put in, but maybe it is just my pair's problem.

Thank you MukuChu for the lenses!


♥ Jhoy ♥ said...

the design looks really awesome, thanks for the review! =]

Ushishi said...

hi , i was wondering if you can recommend me the LIGHTEST pair of blue/greyish lenses out of the ones you have? I currenty have geo nudy golden blue and glamour tri color grey but i wondered if theres any lighter than those? Thank you for all the circle lense reviews =) they are very helpful!

❤ Piggy ❤ said...

Ushishi: Two light grey lenses that I can think of are Dollyeye Grey (http://s252.photobucket.com/albums/hh11/soompicirclelens/Dolly%20Eye%20Series/Dolly%20Eye%20Gray/) and Solotica Hidrocor or Hidrocharme Ice (http://s252.photobucket.com/albums/hh11/soompicirclelens/Solotica%20Hidrocor%20Ice/ or http://s252.photobucket.com/albums/hh11/soompicirclelens/Solotica%20Hidrocharme%20Ice/). You can also browse around the Soompi Circle Lens photobucket (http://s252.photobucket.com/albums/hh11/soompicirclelens/) to see if any other lenses catches your eye :)

Anonymous said...

hi! i really like ur blog and ur reviews and comparisons! i'm shopping for circle lenses for the first time, so this is really good advice and suggestions :] thanks x

Pinky said...

Hi, i'm french and my eyes are dark brown almost black, however i dyed my hair blonde so I would like to try light lenses but I dont know which ones to chose, I already have grey ones and i'm a little bit lost in the circle lens' series... Could you please help me ? You can send me a message on my facebook profile : Alice Lafosse ~~

VIVILAU said...

Thanks for the review! It was really informative and I got everything that I needed to know.Great blog :):)

xoladiihoneyxo said...

very informative =] thank you!

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