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Monday, May 17, 2010

Illamasqua "Elementals" Makeup Contest Entry - EARTH

Here is a video of my entry as "Earth" for the "Elementals" makeup contest, sponsored by Illamasqua and run by Mizz Worthy. Here's the blogpost about the contest.

My main inspiration is how Life and Death are related to the Earth. More details on how I came up with the look is in the video. I am wearing EOS Dollyeye Brown circle lenses for this look.

Here are two more pics of the look:

If you are interested in joining the contest as well, read the details in the post I linked above, and submit your entry before the end of this month! :)


wendiieee nguyen said...

oh wow!
that loooks sooo cool :D

EveryDay Makeup (becky) said...

this is amazing. you are always creative with your makeup looks.

stellarvixen said...

IMPRESSIVE work of art!
beautiful shading! good luck in the contest!

blogwalking from NicNic's domain :D

Princess Mickey said...

cool.wish you luck in the contest.


joygeng said...

Wow! Amazing skills! I love it ^^ Good luck on the contest & I hope you win!

_AK47 said...

That looks absolutely stunning!
Just one thing (No criticism, just a thought) - different circle lenses? I wonder how it'd have looked like with a bright, friendly colour on the life-site and a dark, sinister colour on the dead one.
Anyways, I like your "dead" eye the most, that's so very detailed and well done! And to put long lashes on the life-site, great idea!

❤ Piggy ❤ said...

AK47: Thanks for the suggestion! I actually chose this pair of lenses because I feel that the yellow can look nice as the center of the flower for the "life" side, while being spooky in the big hole in the "death" side; using the same color on both side also help tie them together so it is more one "look" IMO.

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