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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Circle Lens Review - EOS G202 or Candy Magic/Barbie King Size Brown

Here is my review for EOS G202, which shares the same design as Candy Magic/Barbie King Size lens in Brown. I call these my "Kumiko" lenses, since they are the type frequently worn by the super-kawaii Popteen model, Funayama Kumiko:

Here is the lens (the side facing the eyeball) in its case. When I first got the lens, I was a bit shocked at how strong the black ring and spikes are. I do love dramatic lenses though, so I am not afraid to try them on. :D

Once I try them on, I immediately fell in love with how ridiculously dolly my eyes look. The strong pattern shows up well in all light, giving my eyes an "Anime girl" look. The extra-thick black ring is less scary-looking when the lenses are worn, and give excellent definition and enlargement.

Natural light (Next to snowy window)
Direct Sunlight (wonder how many of my retinal cells died this time XD)Indoor bathroom light
Indoor flash
One small nitpick I have of these lenses is that the color is more greyish than I expected when worn; but it might just be because my eyes are almost black. Here are few close-ups:

Direct sun
Natural light

These lenses are one of the most enlarging that I have worn, thanks to the very prominent black ring. I make the "O_o" face again when I only take one lens off:

Natural light
Indoor light
I put on my Max Pure Brown lenses to make some side-by-side comparison. Max Pure Brown gives a more natural look as the King Size Brown, but the size are roughly the same.

Natural light
Indoor light

The King Size series has a pattern very similar to those of Geo Angels. I only have the Angels in green, but here are some comparison anyway. The spikes in the King Size are bigger but less in number, and the outer black ring is much thicker than that in the Angels.

Natural Light
Indoor light

Finally, here is some comparison with my other pair of "brown" lens, Dolly Brown. Obviously there is no way the King Size can be anywhere near as brightly colored as the Dolly, but they are bigger in size and more suited for non-cosplay wear.

Natural Light
Indoor light

Here is one more pic of all the lenses I wore in this review in their cases:

Design: 9/10 - One point deducted for being slightly off from expectation color-wise, otherwise these are perfect :D
Enlargement: 10/10 - I have not tried any of the crazy 14.7mm lenses, cus I think these 14.5mm lenses are big enough already!
Comfort: 9/10 - No discomfort at all, but I can still feel them.
TOTAL: 9.5/10 - Pretty close to being perfect!


Meg said...

I would really love to buy those! They are so cute and almost all of the gal models in Japan wear the same type of lenses!

Clairey said...

I want some of those lenses!

DSK Steph said...

I love circle lenses!

Joon said...

Would it be okay for me to use your photos on my tumblr? I'm starting one about circle lenses, and your blog posts are really informative and also have really nice photos. <3 Just wondering, before I post. If you don't want me to, that's totally cool with me. :)

❤ Piggy ❤ said...

Joon: As long as you mention me as the source for the photos, feel free to use them. It is not like I designed the lenses! :D

chunkiixmunkii said...

Where do you purchase your circle lens? I have been looking for a reliable source and have yet to find one. :(

❤ Piggy ❤ said...

chunkiixmunkii: I have bought from PinkyParadise, HoneyColor, MyCandyEyes, as well as one or two blog shops. The first two are the most reliable IMO.

eenerkwak said...

love the circle lenses, you're a super cutie! When i wear them my eyes get hella dry and red by the end of the night, does this happen to you and do you use any special eye drops? thanks a lot! :)

Renee :]

❤ Piggy ❤ said...

eenerkwak: Some of my lenses are more drying than others, and I know it is not recommended to wear any colored contacts for more than 8 hours anyway. I heard that Rohto, a Japanese brand of eye drops, is awesome but I haven't used it. :p

evisceria78 said...

I am so buying these.

angelina_timberly said...

OMG Im getting them this week Im soooo excited!!!

the_chick_who_doesnt_talk_much said...

which is more comfortable to wear? geo or eos? where can i buy eos?

❤ Piggy ❤ said...

the_chick_who_doesnt_talk_much: I usually find that Geo lenses are thicker than EOS, so the latter is more comfortable. EOS is available from many online retailers online, I think most of my sponsors (linked on the top of the white box in the right column) sell them.

Mai Nhia said...

These are soo pretty :)

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