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Sunday, February 21, 2010

200+ followers - THANK YOU!!! (+FOTD for Saturday)

I just want to say thank you to all of you guys for showing your interest and support to my blog by following it. I will try my best to bring you more cool posts in the future!

To make this post a bit more useful, here is my FOTD for Saturday:
This is a toned-down version of my 40's pin-up tutorial look. I dropped the foundation and false eyelashes, and used a lipgloss instead of lipstick.

EDIT: Huh, whaddayano, this is also my 80th entry :)


pfefi said...

no waiii, no false eyelashes??? your lashes look AMAZING! ^^

Jian said...

Wow. I love your lashes! Girl you don't even need to wear falsies!!

And congrats for getting so many followers!!

Anonymous said...

So pretty! Love that lip colour on you

Anonymous said...

Congrats!! You look simple but awesome there. ;)

Clairey said...

Congrats on the followers!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the followers and on this lovely look! What gloss are you wearing? It's so pretty!

❤ Piggy ❤ said...

Marce: It's Radiant Lip Gloss in 3201 from Black Radiance. I got it from RiteAid. :)

Shabwouina said...

..what FOTD means please?? >< i see this word everywhere, i don't know what it means.and i'm french so i can't guess alone LOL
By the way, i reallyyyy like your blog!!! u're very cute

❤ Piggy ❤ said...

Shabwouina: It means "Face of the Day" (for me anyway :p)

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