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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Circle lens review - EOS Love-U Brown

This is my review of EOS Love-U Brown, sponsored by MukuChu. This is a pair of natural-looking lenses that surprised me quite a bit, and I think they will be great for everyday wear.

The Love-U Brown are a mid-tone brown lens with lighter brown highlights in the middle. The highlights are not visible when the lenses are off the eyes, so when I first got the lenses I thought they are single-colored and kinds of boring. However, once I try them on, I immediately notice the highlights and how they make my eyes more interesting. 

Natural light (next to window)
 Indoor light

The Love-U are 14.0mm so they are low in enlarging power, which make them good "casual" lens to wear without makeup.

Natural light
 Indoor light

The Love-U have a similar design to EOS Max Gold Black, but are smaller in diameter and lighter in color. The Max Gold Black look kind of "dead fish"-like in comparison.
Natural light
 Indoor light

I also compared the Love-U to my current favorite natural lenses, Neo Dali Extra Brown. The Extra are a bit bigger in diameter but they are both lovely.
Natural light
 Indoor light
 Here are all the lenses I wore for the review. Clockwise from the top: Love-U Brown right side up, Max Gold Black, Love-U Brown upside down, Extra Brown.

Design: 9/10 - Highlights my eyes very well
Enlargement: 7/10 - Minimal enlargement
Comfort: 9/10 - No significant discomfort, and the small size of the lenses also helps
TOTAL: 8/10 - A surprisingly nice pair of natural lenses

Thank you MukuChu for the lenses!


chell said...

oh my god! this is look super natural, i wont notice you wore the lens if i didm't read your post

L e n a said...

thanks for your helpful review as always.
this looks really natural and pretty on you.
i haven't tried any EOS lens, yet. this goes on my shopping list! :)

l-article said...

I looove these! They look so natural! Thanks for the awesome review~ :D

Jer said...

the lenses look really nice & natural! thanks for the review ^^

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