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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Creative Makeup Tutorial - 1920's inspired violet look

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am here to show you a new look I did today. It is inspired by the roaring 20's, with a bit of harlequin thrown in. This is my first time experiencing with pseudo-20's hair, so I will post a tutorial when I get it to look better. 

A closeup of the eyes before I begin. The lenses are Puffy 3-tone Brown

After putting on foundation, I put on a thick layer of powder below my eyes to catch any fallen eyeshadow. 

I then applied lavender-grey eyeshadow along the bridge of my nose between my eyes for shading.

A shimmery violet eyeshadow is applied all over my eyelids all the way up to the brows, blending into the grey.

I then added dark violet eyeshadow along the lower lashline and over the upper lid.
 Black eyeshadow is applied along the outer half of the upper lashline and a bit in the outer corners of the eyes.

I then heavily lined my eyes (as well as the lower waterline) with black pencil eyeliner for a smoky look.

I cut up a pair of false lashes into individual spikes and applied them along my lower lashline for a dramatic spiky look.

Highly arched eyebrows are drawn on above my natural eyebrows (which I should have covered at the beginning of the tutorial =____=), and a bit of glitter is applied between individual spikes of the false lashes for highlight.

Pink blush is applied to the apples of my cheek, and a black heart is drawn on my right cheekbone with a bit of glitter for added sparkle. A layer of mascara is also applied to my upper lashes.

Finally, I outlined a beestung-shaped lip over my natural lips (covered with foundation), and filled it in with violet-pink lipstick.

Here's a closeup of the eyes and the heart.

For the fingerwave-like hair, I sectioned the front of my hair from temple to temple off from the rest of my head, then curled them with a small-barreled iron. I then combed out the curls and fixed them to my head with loads of bobby pins. 

I think with more practice, this will definitely look more natural. :p

The rest of my hair is loosely rolled into a bun and tucked under at the nape of my neck, and is secured with a claw clip.

Just two more camwhore pics:

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and have an awesome Thanksgiving weekend. :)


Fanny said...

amazing :O

♥ Noxin ♥ said...

Wow-- the hair is pretty amazing-- it really closely resembles the finger-curls. <333

And I love how you did the lips. <3 That is one of my favourite features of 1920s/30's makeup.

Lovely look overall~.

Sara said...

Awesome look! Very inspiring :)

Lady Morrigan said...

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