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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Circle Lens Review - GEO Xtra Lotus Grey

This is my review of GEO Xtra Lotus Grey, one of the new Flower series from the company, sponsored by ShoppingHolics. These are also one of the biggest pair of lenses I own! 

The Lotus Series has a cool pattern inspired by the flower, with petals of different dot density radiating out from the middle. The design gives a gem-like shattered effect to your eyes. The color is not overly intense, but quite noticeable due to the pattern of the lens. 

Natural light (next to window)

Indoor light


The Xtra lens series are 15.0mm in size, the biggest I have tried so far. As you can see in the pics below, they are indeed huge. :)

 Natural Light
Indoor light

I compared the Lotus Grey with my EOS V-202 Grey, and the Lotus Greys are much brighter in color and bigger in size.

Natural light
Indoor light

I also compared them to the biggest lenses I own, GEO X-CK105. The size is comparable, but the Lotus Grey are a lot more interesting.

Natural light
 Indoor light

 Here are all the lenses featured in this review. Clockwise from the top: Lotus Grey right side up, V-202 Grey, Lotus Grey upside down, X-CK105.

Design: 9/10 - The flower-inspired design is cool, and the different color dot density detail gives the lenses character.
Enlargement: 10/10 - HUGE, but since they are not one solid color they are not creepy-looking.
Comfort: 9/10 - I only wore them for about 15 minutes but they feel fine despite being so big.
TOTAL: 9/10 - Very nice lenses with unique design. :)

Thank you ShoppingHolics for the sponsorship!


Jeeya (De Frozen) said...

i like your reviews very much as they are always in depth and honest ..


Suki said...

Both lenses are great, I think I actually like the darker ones the best!

Jancy said...

thankyou for sharing!!!u write a lot about lens's detail.u're awesome!

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