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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mini review - Sephora by OPI Blasted nail color in Blasted Black

I have wanted to get my hands on cracking nail polish for the longest time, after seeing them on my students and in magazines. I finally got my hands on a black one from Sephora by OPI, called Blasted Black. I really like how it looks, but applying it is quite an adventure!

This is how the bottle looks:
The instruction on the tag said to apply a thin coat after your bottom coats of colors (the one you want to show through the cracks) has completely dried. I had no idea how thin it needs to be, so I worked backwards from my pinky so the biggest nail looks best.

So this is what happened:
- Pinky: I have no idea what I am doing, so I slopped one thick coat on after another. There was no cracking at all!
- Ring finger: I did one slightly thick coat, so I get one crack down the middle.
- Middle finger: Getting better now, but it just looks like the polish went on streaky.
- Index finger: Finally, success!

The opening pic is of my thumb, which looks the best and really shows off what the polish's effect is. It is great fun watching the cracks appear as the polish dry. At $9 a bottle, I think the polish is a wee bit expensive, but I am sure I will wear it quite a lot!

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pinkitty said...

I want to buy this too! I've been waiting for it to be available here in the philippines...no luck so far :(

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