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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Clip-on bangs review (sponsored by KKCenterHK.com)

Ever want to have a change of hairstyle but too afraid to go under the scissors? Have bangs, but getting tired of maintaining them? Check out this cool accessory from KKCenterHK.com - clip-on on bangs!

Clip-on bangs is a partial wig that you attach to your own hair using clips. There are plenty of styles out there, but the ones I picked is a simple thick one-length piece that reaches below my eyebrows. Here is the piece on a wighead:

And lying flat on the floor. You can see in the second photo the clip that is used to attach the bangs to your head.

Here is my normal hair. I have butt-length hair with no bangs.

Here I am wearing the bangs. It attaches in seconds, and you just need to style it a bit after you clip it on.

Here is how the top looks like. It can look a bit unnatural, but a cute headband or scarf will solve that problem.

Another way to wear the piece is with your hair up. Here is me without the bangs:

And wearing the bangs:

The bangs are really useful for changing your hairstyle quickly, and the hair is quite natural-looking. KKCenter.com offers plenty of colors to match your hair color, or you can choose a contrasting color for a daring look!

Of course, like any wigs, you can style and cut it as you please. After taking the above photos, I trimmed mine much shorter to get Betty Page bangs. :)

Thank you KKCenterHK.com for the sponsor!


★00★ said...

I bought some clip on bangs and everyone thinks I'm crazy! I love them though since they're so convinient *___*

✠ o t t o ✠ said...

Butt-length? Wow that sounds absolutely gorgeous :D

I love the way you cut them. They're so edgy

Anonymous said...

you look good with bangs :) maybe bring the hair out from behind the ears a little~ nice post! x

Jel ♡ said...

love the bangs. i also have a side swept clip on one and i havent figured out how to wear it. thanks for this post i think i can manage it now. haha i was actually worried about it looking so weird, but thanks to your photo posted above, i know its not my bangs only lol. ill just have to get it styled properly :)

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