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Friday, April 1, 2011

Makeup demo video preview - Porcelain Doll

Sorry for missing another post last weekend, I have midterms and presentations to prepare for :\ Anyway, the above photo is from a failed makeup tutorial that I filmed a while ago. I didn't realize a big mistake I made on the makeup until I started editing the footage; I might still put an edited video up on Youtube, but I probably won't be having the instructions on each step as I usually do. Stay tuned. :)


♥ Noxin ♥ said...

Oh my--- this looks SO DAMN COOL. <333 The shading for the 'eyelids' is sublime~~. And the whole look overall really IS very doll-like.

I hope you can manage to edit out whichever bit is off, as I'd love to see the video~. :]

sunnyday said...

omg i love this~~~ super kawaiiii <3

Suki said...

I do hope you will upload the video because this is fantastic. You did an amazing job, so much doll-like!

xsakisaki said...

oh my god you look like a painting. this is so pretty can't wait!

Anney said...

cute and strange, lol :)

Jennifer Lamont said...

I recommend a little more gothic (i.e. red small plump lips and darker lashes) but in all, great!!!

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