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Monday, March 21, 2011

FOTD - Lightning bolt-inspired eye makeup

Hi guys, sorry for the lack of tutorials lately. I actually recorded a video on Thursday but I didn't realize a mistake I made until when I start editing the video, so the whole thing was scrapped. :(

Anyway, here is a look I wore when I went to a fetish night at a gay club (taken post-clubbing at 3am). I didn't even know that my horn hair matched the theme, "Angels and Demons", before I got to the club! The eye makeup was inspired by lightning bolts ala Bowie. Anyone want a mini-tut of this look?

Closeups of the eyes (circle lenses are Neo Cosmos Glamor Gray):

Front view (the lips have faded a lot, but they are supposed to be red in the middle fading to black at the edges):


Ayame said...

Ooooh! Make-up AND hair tutorial please! You look lovely~

MeiBelle said...

loves it!! Super creative

Anney said...

neat! Fun dark makeup ^-^

Sara said...

This is beautiful! I love the way you did your eyes!

Ke said...

woahhh cool, very pigmented eye makeup :) can you please check out my makeup blog too when you have a moment?



Brianna said...

Oh my. I really do love this! It's so sultry.

Red Lip Gloss said...

What a fun look! Love the lip color..


hera said...

WOW the eye makeup here is gorgeous! great job on the shadow!

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