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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Circle Lens Review - GEO Honey Wing/Olive Brown (OL-104)

Here is my review of the super-popular Geo Honey Wing/Olive Brown circle lenses, sponsored by GWYSHOP. I can see why people like these lenses, cus they are really quite cute :)

The Honey Wing lenses are designed by the popular Japanese gyaru model, Masuwaka Tsubasa. Here is a pic of her modelling the lenses:

The lenses look lighter on her because there is pretty strong lighting in the photo. Anyway here are pics of me wearing them in different light:

Natural light (next to window)
Direct Sunlight
Indoor light
FlashThe lenses is a neutral brown that lightens my eye color a bit without turning them amber. The thick yet soft outer ring of darker brown also makes my eyes "pop".

The bottles said these lenses are 14.5mm but they seems to be a bit smaller than my other lenses of the same size:

Natural light
Indoor light
As you can see, they don't enlarge much, but that would be perfect for a more natural look.

Here are some comparison pics with other popular lenses. First up are the EOS Max Pure Brown:

Natural light
Indoor light
The Max Pure Brown are obviously bigger, but the color is darker than the Honey Wings.

Next up are the Candy Magic King Size Brown:

Natural light
Indoor light
The King Size are of a very dull grey-brown when compared to the Honey Wings, but they give a more dolly feel than the Honey Wings.

Here are all the lenses worn in this review. Clockwise from the top, the Honey Wings upside down, the King Size Brown, the Honey Wings right side up, and the Max Pure Browns.

Design: 8/10 - Nice simple design, not harsh at all
Enlargement: 8/10 - Not much enlargement
Comfort: 7/10 - GEO lenses are thicker than my other lenses, but they don't slide around
TOTAL: 8/10 - I think these are good everyday lenses, especially with lighter color hair :)

Thank you GWYSHOP for the sponsor!


rumpshaker said...

These look great! I just ordered a pair and I'm anticipating their arrival.

kaizokumousy said...

wow a really nice color!

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