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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Circle Lens Review - Dueba/G&G Dreamy.i Green

The Dreamy.i are a series of new lenses by Dueba/G&G (apparently these are the same company!) that are a knockoff of the very popular EOS Max Pure series. I said "knock off" because the design of the Dreamy.i are less pretty than the Max Pure; to be honest I only got these because I need prescription lenses and Max Pure Green doesn't have that. Nevertheless these are nice looking lenses by themselves. :)

Here is the official picture of the lenses from the company. There is definitely a very big suspicion of copying the design of the Max Pure :p

The vials are your standard circle lens bottles, and the diameter is 14.5mm as indicated on the label.

In the bottle the lenses look almost fluorescent!

When I first put on the lenses in the bathroom, they looked kind of spooky and reminds me of ghosts' eyes. However, that was kind of the effect I wanted from the Max Pure Green, so it's cool.

Near sunlit window

Direct sunlight

Bathroom light


See what I mean about ghost-ness? These lenses are the color of ectoplasm! XD Anyway, it is pretty clear that they are trying to go for the very natural, blended-in design, and it looks quite good from a distance. However, the pixel printing is not as translucent as the Max Pure, so up close they look kind of meh.

Here are some comparison with Geo Angel Green, my other pair of green lenses. The Angels are darker than the Dreamy.i, but the size seems to be similar even though the bottle said the Dreamy.i are 14.5 while the Angels are 14.0.


Direct sun

IndoorSince the Dreamy.i are imitating the Max Pure, I think a comparison would be very useful. Unfortunately, my Max Pure Greys dried out, so I had to use my Max Pure Browns instead. -___-

Next to window
Direct sunlight
Indoor lightFlash
The Dreamy.i does not have the distinctive cogwheel of the Max Pure, hence they are a tad bit less natural than the Max Pure. The size also seems to be smaller.

Here are a bunch of pics of the lens inside-out, since I feel that the outer black ring is a bit too thick and I wanted more of the green. I think they look good this way too, but dunno how comfortable it would be to wear them like this. :p

Next to window
Direct sunlight
Indoor light

Here are all the lenses I wore in this review side by side:

Design: 7/10 - Compared to the Max Pure, these lenses blended less well with your natural eye color.
Enlargement: 7/10 - I don't quite believe these are 14.5mm, they look a bit smaller than that...o_O
Comfort: 8/10 - They are a bit thick, but nothing too bad.
TOTAL: 7.5/10 - Love the spooky color, but the other properties about these lenses are not that appealing. If you don't mind plano and love the color, get the Max Pure Greens instead.


♥camillaの✿ said...

SO bright and spooky! Great for Halloween or cosplay. Circle lens keep getting bigger and bigger.. one of these days they won't fit in my eyes anymore. I have really tiny eyes. D:

Clairey said...

Cute lenses :)

Anonymous said...

They're good but I believe the MAX Series are more comfortable to wear plus they look damn good in the eyes.

Nicol said...

those are really nice

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