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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Elegant Evening Look with Japanese Eyeshadow Palette

This week I am using the Integrate palette from my last post again for a evening look, to show you the versatility of it. This look is for occasion when you want to look a bit grown-up, but not "clubby". :) I have marked the color I used below:
I am wearing mineral foundation and GEO Hurricane Brown circle lenses for this tutorial.
I first start by applying the dark shade (A) to the outer half of my eyelids, extending the shape slightly up for a winged effect.
I then applied the medium shade (B) to the inner half of my eyelid, blending it with the dark shade.
Using a dense brush, I applied the dark shade (A) heavily along my upper lashline and also to the outer half of my lower lashline.
I then heavily lined my upper lashline with a dark brown eyeliner pencil, and smudge it well for a smoky effect.
Using black gel eyeliner, I lined my upper lashline, making the line slightly thicker toward the outer half of my eyes. I also winged it out very slightly at the outer corner.
I added the light shade (C) to the inner half of my lower lashline to open up my eyes.
For a bit of sparkle, I dabbed the glitter cream (D) onto the inner 2/3 of my eyelid. It doesn't show up well in the photos though. :\
I filled in my brows with dark brown powder, giving them nice pointed ends to look more sophisticated. :)
After curling my lashes, I applied two coats of mascara.
For extra drama, a pair of feathery false lashes that are longer at the outer ends were applied.
Finally, I contoured and re-powdered my face, and added nude-pink lipstick and lipgloss.
And there you have it! I figure this blog need more looks that are wearable, so I made two neutral looks in a row. I hope you love them! :)


Fifi said...

I love it!! I was introduced to a Japanese girl a few days ago and this is the kind of look she was wearing. So pretty and sophisticated! I'm going to try it, thank you for the tutorial!

Sara said...

I really like the lashes you're using! Very pretty look and very smoky :) I love your tuts and circle lens reviews!


Irene said...

WOW, I never cease to be amazed with your talent - love the look, super wearable and daytime-sexy! :)

EvergreenPath said...

love your posts/blog! keep it up! =)

Anonymous said...

I really like this look! Those lashes are really gorgeous too.

Miss.XoXo said...

i love the colors!
very pretty

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