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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Video Demonstration - Female-to-male (Drag King) Makeup

Guess who the bishounen in this photo is? Haha, it's in fact me, Makeup Piggy! In my newest video, just in time for Halloween, I have demonstrated how to do drag king (female-to-make crossdressing) makeup. I deliberately did not use the typical "draw on a fake beard" approach (which, to be honest, look weird on most girls and doesn't work with anime characters). Instead, I focused on extensive shading to turn a relatively feminine facial structure more masculine. Unfortunately the video is kind of crap, and you can not see me do my lips at all, so I will definitely re-do it in the future.

Two more pics for your viewing pleasure:

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Ragrunzel said...

Haha omg, you would make a great guy!

sooji said...

i am a new yt subscriber and i have to say all your videos are AMAZING!!! specially this one!!! i am so in awe :) thanks for all your hard work & for sharing a bit of your creativity with us! wow :)

♥ Noxin ♥ said...

Oh wow-- you are quote the bishie~~.

I have had to 'man up' before (Rev. War reenactments, ahoyy~), but you definitely take the cake on this one. <33 I actually want to try and do it properly now, seeing how successful you were here.

Thanks for the tut.!

♥Bunny♥ said...

OMG~!! NOOOO way!! You definitely look like a guy and awesome!! Definitely can full someone with it!!

Zainab said...

:O AMAZING!! You make a handsome man ^_~

Sue said...

WOW!! I've been lurking since I really look forward to your circle lens reviews. This is really fantastic. Always been wondering how do makeup artists achieve that sort of transformation. Would really love a step by step if you have the time, or at least the products and shades you have used to achieve the contour/shading effects!

Anonymous said...

uwaaa how handsome! > w <
i love how you did your lips they are quite beautiful, and when you smile you are extra pretty!

Anonymous said...

I wish there was a step by step for this tutorial

Violet Gray said...

dayyyum that's awesome.
Now a few questions, after you applied the shadow, you blotted something on. Was that foundation or some sort of highlighter?
And could you pls give some details on the products you used on the eyebrows?
I'm with Saru-chan, if you redo the video maybe you could put some instructions in ^^
And again, damn that is cool!

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