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Monday, June 1, 2009

Circle Lens Review - EOS Adult Green

EOS Adult Green Review

I got these lens because I wanted something that would look hauntingly green for cosplay. Sadly, I am quite disappointed with them. :\

Here is the ad for the lens.

And here is the bottle and the lens in the case:

The lens are actually a bit greener in person (but not much), a sort of aqua-ish blue.

These pics are taken with indoor halogen lights:

I think they look kind of ugly on me, and don't enlarge that much, but that's expected from such a light-colored lens. The pattern is kind of weird looking too.

Overall I am quite disappointed with these lens, as they are nowhere as green as I wanted them. I think these are my least favorite lens among the ones I have sad.gif

Final scores -
Design: 4/10 - Ugly, and color is off
Comfort: 8/10 - I only wore them for about 5 minutes but they are OK.
Enlargement: 3/10 - Almost non-existant
OVERALL: 5/10 - I just don't like them sad.gif


Tina Marie said...

I've always wanted to try circle lenses! I think they look fine on you. Sorry to hear you didn't like them that much =\

douline said...

Those lenses are not green at all but they're still really pretty !
It looks great on you, too bad you don't like them :/

★Maria★ said...

Wow, the color is blue instead of green~ o3o;
Such a pretty color though~ o.o; I wouldn't mind buying them myself if I knew where to buy this brand. xDDD

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