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Saturday, March 28, 2009

My first contest entry - Drag Queens!

Alright, I am finally putting this blog to its original use! This is my entry to Mimi AKA Beauty is Androgynous's Drag Contest. As soon as I saw that it is open to international readers, I decided to join in the fun. Anyway here is my drag persona,


Instead of the usual larger-than-life ultra-glamazons that most people associate with drag queens, I decided to base Bara on a more punk-goth genderfuck style, with a heavy dose of Japanese visual-kei thrown in. (By the way, "Bara" is Japanese for "rose")

I used my own hair, slicking one side back and teasing the other side to create a pseudo-deathhawk that cascades down from the top of my head.

The vest I am wearing is actually a chest compressor for female-to-male crossdresser. I wear it to give myself a more androgynous silhouette, since I don't think Bara would have large C-cup tits. :p

I carefully stuck my fingers through a pair of red fishnets so I don' t need to cut them up, then wore the crotch part across my shoulders. It kind of cuts off the circulation to my arms a bit though.

The striped shorts are actually a pair of kid's underwear from H&M! The jewelry is random crap I have laying around; I love that white rose ring a lot.

Gurrrrl, you can't handle the sass. *snap snap*

Here a few closeups of my makeup. On top of the white face paint base, I used four colors of eyeshadows for this look: Purple near the nose, red for the "wings", silver under the eyes (it didn't show up well in the photos, sadly) and a bit of black for details and going over the eyeliner.

My real brows are blocked using the glue stick method, and are actually under the white part of my eye makeup. I wish I had a bigger pair of lashes to wear, this pair is the biggest ones I have on hand.

Shading on the cheekbone and and nose, as well as highlight down the nose and on the cheeks are done with the MAC Accentuate/Sculpt compact. I love that compact very much, too bad they are limited edition...

Finally, here are my inspirations for Bara Diamante's look: my rock goddess Siouxsie Sioux, and the fabulous Nina Flowers. Love them both to bits! ♥

If you want to join in the fun, check out the details of the contest right here: http://beautyisandrogynous.blogspot.com/2009/03/drag-contest-starts-now.html Can't wait to see what you guys can come up with!


supervillain said...

OMG! I love this look! You really did an awesome job. It's super fierce and fabulous. I'm so glad you joined the contest. Your makeup skills are great!. =) xoxo

GiLiNG said...

great job!
congrats !

Katrina is a Princess said...

WOW!You Rocked it! you were not playing around, thats serious business right there! Good job girl!

Sweetie Bernice said...

That's you?? cool, a gg to be a drag... interesting...

herana said...

It is so lucky that i come here accidently, the aundant resources makes me excited,thank you!
By Jordan Sneaker

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