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Monday, September 3, 2012

FOTD - Makeup for my original Harley Quinn cosplay :)

Hi everyone, I am back from my first ever Dragon*Con! I had lots of fun and met many awesome people, but best of all I got to debut FIVE costumes. My favourite one is my Marie Antoinette-inspired Harley Quinn ballgown for my friend's Batman masquerade group. I will have photos of my full costumes from my photographer friends later, but here are two phone pics of my makeup after being in the costume (which includes a fully-boned overbust corset, wide-ass pannier, underskirt and dupioni silk overskirt) for almost 3 hours. I was wearing two pairs of false lashes, and one of them has red tinsel in it. I think the makeup turned out pretty awesome even though it took almost 2 hours to do. :)


dblchin (double chin) said...

this is frekkkking awesome!!! totally love the look!

Fanny said...

sooo cool :O :D

estetik said...

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Lutrinaë said...

Really nice makeup!!

o t t o said...

Oh man, I had a chance to go to Dragon Con this year too! Seeing you all decked out in Rococo epic would've been fun. Love the makeup, it looks fabulous~

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