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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Korean-style Makeup inspired tutorial + BB Cream review

I recently acquired a few samples of Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream, and it inspired me to do a Korean-style makeup tutorial. I don't have a "Korean" face so it probably looks a bit weird on me, but my goal is to demonstrate a few key trends in the makeup style. 

Here is a closeup of my eyes, showing the thick, straight brows, long eye shape (instead of round shape popular in Japanese-style makeup) and highlighting of the undereye "poofs"  (called aegyo sal in Korean) 

Here is my bare face so I can demonstrate how the BB cream looks on my face. Notice that I also have no undereye poofs as well.

The Lioele BB cream goes on quite smoothly and does not feel oily, but it settles down on my face a bit quick so I have a wee bit of trouble spreading it. The coverage is quite good and it cover my minor blemishes well. The color is slightly lighter than my skin tone but I think that works for Korean style makeup. I did not powder my face as I want to retain the dewy look and also see how well the BB cream stays on my face.

I applied a mid-tone brown eyeshadow from my lashline up to slightly above my crease, as well as to the outer third of my lower lashline.

I then added dark brown shadow along my lashline up to halfway up the crease, and to the outer corner of my eyes to lengthen the shape.

Using a black-brown eyeliner pencil, I lined the upper lashline, extending the line out slightly at the outer corner. I also lined my lower waterline to add depth.

A beige shimmery shadow is added along the bottom of my eyes to create a fake "poof" under my eyes.

I then lightly shaded underneath the highlighted "poof" with the mid-tone eyeshadow to make the illusion  even more convincing.

For my brows I use a brown-black powder, keeping the shape of the brows straight and thick. I also keep the peaks of the brows slightly lower than I usually draw them to give a more innocent look. I also put on two layers of mascara after curling my lashes.

Finally, I added blush to the apples of my cheek, a bit of shimmery highlight power to the top of my cheekbones, and finish with a warm nude lipcolor.

At the end of the makeup process, which took about 45 minutes, the BB cream still looks quite fresh on my face. Normal foundation usually start to be a bit shiny because I have oily skin. I think the color also settled a bit and looks more like my natural skin tone. Overall this Lioele BB cream is the best one I have tried so far; most of the other ones I tried are too light, too pink and/or too grey on my face. I might get a full size tube someday. :)

Here are two more pics from different angle. Thanks for reading!


o t t o said...

Gorgeous as usual! The fake poofs are pretty amazing, they look so natural xD

hola156332 said...

Hello, please can you tell me what those circle lens? please>. <thanks :)

Lilian said...

I LOVE THIS LOOK!Thanks for sharing! :)

Hannah Jennie said...

Lovely tutorial. We've been followers of your blog for a while! Are you still doing cosplay?


Lonnie said...

i have used so many varieties of high end foundations, but to be honest i like lioele bb creams best of all, i have both triple solution and beyond the solution, as well as their watery bb cream
the watery bb cream and beyond the solution are both easier to blend,
beyond the solution needs to be set with powder though if your skin is oily, but it lasts nicely throughout that day.
i have found that the triple solution is easier to mix if i put tiny little dots all over my face and then tap-blend it, instead of rubbing it in.

your makeup looks great.

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