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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Circle Lens Review - Puffy 3-tone Grey

This is my review of Puffy 3-tone Grey, sponsored by LensVillage. I have found that I wear grey lenses more than any color, and these are definitely going into my high-usage rotation. :)

The Puffy series have a realistic pattern with a darker (but not black) outer ring, sunburst color ring, and a smaller ring of light brown in the middle. They mimic "real" colored eyes pretty well, and the color intensity is good under most light too.

Natural light (next to window)
Indoor light

These lenses have 14.5mm diameter, and the enlargement is quite decent. The soft outer ring prevents them from looking unnaturally large.

Natural light
Indoor light

Compared to my favourite light grey lenses, Neo Cosmos Glamor Grey, the Puffy grey are darker and slightly blue-tinted. The Puffy are also larger in diameter.

Natural light
Indoor light

Another pair of grey lens I like a lot are the Neo Dali Extra Grey. Comparing them with the Puffy grey, they are similar in size, but the Extra Grey are warmer in tone and lack the inner light brown ring.

Natural light
Indoor light

Here are all the lenses featured in this review. Clockwise from the top: Puffy Grey right side up, Glamor Grey, Puffy Grey upside down, Extra Grey.

Design: 10/10 - I love the design from this series since I tried the brown lenses, and these are equally cool
Enlargement: 9/10 - Good enlargement while being pretty natural
Comfort: 9/10 - No discomfort at all, but I can still feel them.
TOTAL: 9.5/10 - Very lovely lenses, a great addition to my grey lens collection.

Thank you LensVillage for the sponsorship!


Sara said...

These look really pretty on you. It's such a gorgeous shade and tone of gray. I love them on you :)

Mai said...

wow i used puffy 3 tone lens in colour brown, but these grey ones looks nice! (: thanks for sharing!

CMPang x

l-article said...

Ah! I just got these same lenses recently!! I love them! They're so pretty!!

Fifi said...

I love the Neo Dali on you! And the puffy greys are pretty too. :)

Mai Thi PN said...

i love those lenses on you. it looks really natural on you. just love it. and plz keep posting lenses-reviews on your blog..!! <3

ladynove said...

Are these the EOS lenses?

clynesio said...

wow! i really like puffy grey..


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